Talking with Trees: Try it Yourself

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I want to wrap this series up with an invitation for everyone to do their own experiment.

Try this: Contact an actual spirit. An Enochian angel, for example, or something else you’re quite confident is an actual, external, intelligent spirit.

If you don’t work with spirits, you can use psychic intuitions should work, too. Really, any external source of information will do. The point is, you’re receiving the information from an external source, rather than thinking the thoughts yourself.

Now, as you’re receiving the message, try to change what you’re thinking about, or pause your thoughts, or generally take charge of the incoming message. I find that it’s rather difficult, that the message tends to keep going on its own, regardless of how I try to direct it, in a way that it doesn’t when I’m just thinking my own thoughts. Try this a few times until you see what I’m talking about.

Now, go talk to a tree. If you’ve never done that before, just walk up to a tree, touch it, feel its energy, and ask it a question. “How are you today, tree?” or “Are you worried about global warming?” or “What should I work on to grow spiritually?” or anything else. The question isn’t important, and you can ask it in your head out loud, but ask it in earnest, like you really want to know.

Listen for the answer. Again, do this a few times, until you can comfortably ask the question and hear for the answer without trying too hard.

Now, the test: As you’re hearing the answer, try directing the thoughts. Pause them. Change the message. Mess with it.

For me, changing the tree-based message is easy. Roughly as easy as changing my own thoughts. Which tells me that, most likely, the message is simply my own thoughts, rather than an external source of information.

But the point isn’t how it feels for me. The point is how it feels for you. So go outside (it’s good for you), try it, and leave a comment letting us know how both the spirit and the tree’s messages felt. (If you post it on your own blog, feel free to leave a link.)

Other Tests

I did a bunch of tests before writing the first post, and the one I walked you through in this post is the least reliable of them. But it’s the only one you can do easily without special training, so it’s the best one for trying it yourself. But here are the other tests I did:

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  1. Sorry, not sure why the comments were closed. They’re open now.

    Yvonne said: I couldn’t wait to talk to a tree, and report back, but the comments were closed in that section. I asked Legba to open the way, and what he thought about it. You are correct, there was a response with words in mind, I tried to manage them, and got a little resistance. I received the blessing from the Opener to talk to the tree. I ran outside to the tree, and resonated with its energy. I did not speak mentally, but sent a psychic greeting. The vibration of the tree shifted slightly in my direction, but it did not speak. I realized at the moment that trees do not use words in your mind. The greeting was returned, very gently, very subtly. There is definitely an energy “in” the tree. Is it intelligent? I can’t say, although objectively speaking I would say trees are hella intelligent. This was fun and interesting!

    My reply: Awesome! Thanks for trying it and reporting back. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’m going to invite everyone to come back to this topic in around a year, after working through some of the exercises in my book, to see how your experiences change, and how your interpretation of them change. Who knows, maybe my interpretation will change, too.

  2. wallum says:

    Today, whilst out riding my bike. I stopped in the shade of a tree, before looking at it, I could ‘feel’ the tree, and I knew what species it was (I am a botanist). This is the first time I have spontaneously ‘felt’ a tree.
    A few years ago, I used to practice walking through the forest with my eyes closed, ‘feeling’ for the trees as I went, so as not to walk into them, but they had no discernable (to me) signature. I think that was more that I was not at a level to be able to differentiate signatures at that time, though.

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