Troubleshooting Your Magick: Are You Using the Right Software?

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Last week, Lisa told me that her self-healing technique wasn’t working anymore. The energy we designed to reduce the itching of her hives, along with other healing techniques for her back, weren’t having any noticeable results. She asked me what was going on.

I watched as she tried the techniques. She contacted some ethereal software, and sent it a message. (I followed her connection to the ethereal software, and could see the message, though I didn’t read it myself.) So, nothing fundamentally flawed in her approach.

It’s exceedingly unlikely that she forgot the actual commands for the software, since we wrote them down. And her psychic intuitions were still working just fine, which meant that her communication was probably working, too.

But she was sending that message to the wrong ethereal software. I could see when I connected to the proper healing software she uses, and compared their fractal signatures. She’d taken a couple weeks off from healing work, and when she went to contact the ethereal software again, she misremembered its signature, and connected to the wrong software.

The fix was incredibly easy. She’d initially found the software by asking her psychic ethereal software to recommend something for energy healing. So she did that again, sent the same messages to the correct software, and now her healing techniques are working.

I’m telling you this for two reasons. One, this will probably happen to you at some point. It’s certainly happened to me. And two, because I’m realizing that we need some way to make sure the ethereal software we’re using is actually suited to the task we’re using it for. I’ll have more stories on that coming up.

And three, because this experience is one of the things that makes me confident in my model, since it only makes sense if ethereal software is a real, external thing, rather than a hypothetical idea that simply focuses intent.

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