Weekly Comments Round-Up (May 6)

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Once again, your comments are often better than my original posts. Here are some great ones from the past week and a half that you should be sure to read. Again, my focus is on comments that could almost be their own posts.

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From oldest to newest:

I asked if anyone was aware of research on what makes placebo more or less effective, and sure enough, you were. I’m linking to the first comment (from Ona), but really, just read the whole thread. Ananael gives a couple really useful links to Wikipedia, and Andrew makes a great point about the difficulty of testing the placebo effect.

Ananael, Ona and I have a great discussion about ethereal software and why traditionalist mages might be dubious about the concept. (It’s long, you can skip to my answers here.) It inspired the first part of my book (where I explain various rituals and other practices using direct magick terms), along with my series on Enochian this week (which also had a great discussion). Note: I’ll have a that promised post on the LBRP coming out soon.

In discussing using magick to win the lottery, I wrestled with why I don’t like “probability shift” as a model for manifesting, and Kol posted a great thread on manifesting for stock picks from a skilled mage on a now-defunct forums.

Again, thanks to everyone who commented.

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