Case Study: Distance Energy Healing for a Knee

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Even after I had experience with in-person energy healing, I had trouble doing energy healing at distance. There’s a bunch of extra steps to doing it at distance, and I couldn’t handle them all while also driving the technique. Healers who channel ethereal software don’t have this problem — the software handles those details — but if you want to do techniques beyond what your ethereal software can handle, distance work is fairly complicated.

So I’m excited with some recent results from working with Lisa’s knee and back at distance. Both worked well from halfway across the country*. I’m going to tell you about her knee today, and her back later.

*At this range, distance shouldn’t matter anymore, so the techniques should generalize to work at any distance. Also, I want to mention: I’m not cherry-picking the 2 best results from a dozen failures. These are the only 2 distance sessions I’ve tried in the past several months.

The technique is essentially the same as what I used on my own knee while walking, using more complex connections to handle the distance. The key is that, rather than building energy in my own body and trying to send it, I instead adjusted the energy her own body produces. This eliminated a lot of the loss of power I’d experienced in previous attempts, and seems to be working well, several weeks after the session.

Here’s Lisa’s report on her injury and the post-healing improvements, in her own words (lightly edited for readability):

As an RN, I work 12.5-hour shifts on my feet, walking on concrete most of the time. One Saturday, I tweaked my right knee at work and by the time I got home, my knee was warm, slightly swollen and ached. I iced it for 20 minutes, took 2 Aleve and went to bed with my knee wrapped in an ice pack. Normally, that remedy effectively reduces the pain. Not this time. The pain was much worse in the morning.

Mike has worked on my knee before with great results, so I called and asked him to do a healing. He performed a healing session in the evening after I got off work, and almost immediately my pain dropped from an 8/10 to a 3/10. I iced my knee per usual and went to bed.

The next morning I was surprised that the aching was nearly gone. I had good movement forward and backward, and I could do a partial squat without pain. My knee was still very sensitive to any movements that put a rotational stress on the joint or activities like jogging, so I avoided those.

It has been two weeks since Mike performed the healing and I have regained a greater range of pain free movement. I can now get into a full squat for a short period of time and jog a short distance without the fear of reinjuring my knee. Even with this increased activity, my pain rarely exceeds a 3/10, and when it does, I can treat it with ice and aleve.

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2 Responses to “Case Study: Distance Energy Healing for a Knee”

  1. wsa says:

    Very interesting, Mike (and Lisa). How do you account for the loss of power with increased distance? My understanding and experience of distance energy healing work is that it does not have a degradation of power over local (in-room, hands-on) energy work.

    • Most healing works by channeling energy from ethereal software. Both Reiki and Therapeutic Touch work this way, for example. In that case, the ethereal software is handling the details of doing the healing over distance. Does that account for the experiences you’re talking about? (Because I might just be missing something about delivering energy directly if you’ve had success with that.)

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