Case Study: Distance Energy Healing for a Spine

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On Tuesday, I told you how excited I am about two successful distance healing sessions, and gave you Lisa’s report on her knee. Today, I want to share her report the other healing — a spinal injury.

Prior to Healing Session

Lisa injured her back lifting an overweight patient (she’s a nurse, remember), and waited 3 days before asking me to heal her, hoping it would get better with rest. While her pain did change throughout the day — worse when she woke up, less bad after stretching and moving — the pain levels were the same from day to day. Here’s her report of waking up on the third day:

I woke up with sharp, pulsing pains radiating down the anterior, lateral and posterior sides of my left leg and experienced simultaneously a deep, constant pain in my left buttock which radiated to my groin. I was lying on my left side and was unable to roll over to the right. My left hip and thigh wouldn’t flex. With effort, I could wiggle the toes on my left foot; so I grabbed my left knee and threw my left leg over the right and rolled out of bed. I was nauseated from the pain. I hobbled to the kitchen, took two Aleve and one Ibuprofen and applied an ice pack to my lower back for 30 minutes.   I had to go to work. I couldn’t call in sick… we have to call in 3 hours before our shift starts. It was already too late to call in. I felt better after icing my back; I hoped I prevented the muscles from going into a spasm. But when I bent down to pull on my pants, I screamed. I had to lie down on the bed and put my legs up in the air.  It took four tries to get my pants on.

After stretching and getting moving, the pain decreased, as it had on each day since the injury. She went into work, was very careful about lifting and posture that day, then had me heal her when she got home.

Note: I’ve lightly edited Lisa’s reports for readability, but no content changes.

24 Hours After Healing

I worked with Lisa before she went to bed. Here’s her report of her condition the next morning:

Pain in the left buttock was typically an 8/10, but this morning it was a 5/10.  Range of motion increased, too. I was able to put my pants on while standing up, with a minimum of screaming. Hooray! Shooting pains still occurred down the left leg, three sides, but not as frequently. In order to get into the car I still had to pick up my left leg and place it inside, but I was no longer nauseated or sweaty. I continued taking 2 Aleve each morning, and one at night, and applying ice 30 minutes on followed by heat for 20 minutes while awake.

The last sentence is a great example of what I typically recommend: Continue doing your normal treatments, such as painkillers and ice, even after the session. The more things you can do to help yourself, the better.

The Next 24 Hours

Here’s Lisa’s report on the second day following the session:

Pain down the lateral and posterior sides of my left leg decreased in intensity. Pain on the anterior side still the same.  I was able to touch my toes with a 5/10-7/10 pain.  Before, I couldn’t roll over, but now, with conscious direction of my muscles, I can roll from laying on my back to my right side (still experiencing 8/10 pain while doing so, but could now roll over without using my hands to pull my left leg across my body).


After experiencing no change in her condition for the 3 days prior to healing, Lisa experienced a slow but steady improvement following the session, which has continued in the weeks since then. We’re pretty happy with the results.

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