Energy Meditation: The Right Start for Magick?

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In my step-by-step guide to learning direct magick, I have beginners start with an energy meditation. I did it because, well, I didn’t know what else to do. But today, I was updating the energy meditation for my book, and I just feel like there should be a better answer for how to help beginners find their mental muscles.

What’s wrong with that energy meditation? Well, if the person doesn’t have any mental muscles engaged, I don’t think it will do anything at all. They won’t get any energy, they won’t get any practice using their mental muscles (because they’re not using them in the first place), and they’ll probably give up. Or maybe they won’t — it’s fairly easy to make someone feel tingles through proprioception, so with the right visualization, you could probably make a person feel tingles without any energy involved. Which means they’ll spend even more time trying to learn magick while all their mental muscles are still hibernating.

One alternative is to start with a traditional ritual, like the LBRP. Get that ritual’s ethereal software to connect to your mind, start awakening your mental muscles, and go from there. But I don’t do rituals myself, and it feels odd to tell a newcomer to direct magick to start by learning a traditional ritual.

I have a solution in mind: Program the ethereal software I’m shipping with my book to awaken a few mental muscles. You connect to it through the sigil, or possibly through a ritual, think or say a command, and it would help get your mental muscles online, like other ethereal software does.

But, my heart’s not set on that solution. So I want to open it up to you, dear readers: How would you get a newcomer started?

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10 Responses to “Energy Meditation: The Right Start for Magick?”

  1. f3n1x_hvn732 says:

    Have you read the book N.E.W. (new energy ways)? Is a great book on “energy”, it doesn’t need meditation or visualization to work and I have practiced the exercises and are really functional.
    Here is a link:

  2. Ona says:

    I recommend beginners start with a combo of meditation and energy work. For the energy work I suggest some basic exercises that are influenced by Robert Bruce’s work and kundalini yoga. With one exception I find people get results if they actually practice daily. Actually practicing daily seems to be the biggest stumbling block for many beginners, who would prefer to play video games, imagine how amazing their magick will be one day, or wish there were a pill they could take that would make them instant experts. Having the dedication to continue through the first couple months is part of the process, I think, and good for building character, discipline, and committed intention. Sort of like initiation periods – suffering through a long initiation makes the results more valuable. ;)

    • Re: Actually practicing daily seems to be the biggest stumbling block for many beginners, who would prefer to play video games, imagine how amazing their magick will be one day, or wish there were a pill they could take that would make them instant experts.

      I see this too, particularly when it comes to actually testing magick. It’s so much more comfortable to imagine that you can do amazing things than it is to test what works and what doesn’t, then debug things until you get something actually effective. Great way to put it.

      I’m still going to try to remove this period where you can’t see results. I think seeing some results sooner will make magick more accessible to scientific-minded people, who I particularly want to work with. But don’t worry, there will still be plenty of hard work and suffering to get good at direct magick :)

  3. Ona says:

    (The one exception was a student who tried and tried but it took him over a year to start seeing results, and that only after he added additional energy work training from another system. Nonetheless, now that he’s turned the corner he’s on a roll. Some people are pretty sensitive to energy with very little training, others have very deeply slumbering energy (or very little awareness or concentration, etc.) and have to work a heck of a lot harder. But I’ve met no other case that had to work that hard to get results. All the other “no results” people didn’t actually practice much.)

  4. Andrew says:

    When I first got started, I was looking for a way into my own mind. What I ended up doing was to start from the eyes and work my way back till I got to the observer/ego. That works pretty well for people who don’t know anything. To visualize it: think of how your field of vision over laps to create binocular vision, if you invert that the point of intersection is in the middle of your head, it’s kind of like you were looking in instead of out.

  5. wsa says:

    What about sending students for a Reiki attunement? My experience is that after the Level 1 attunement (usually one evening class including one short ritual on the part of the “Master”), all students attending can “do energy work” and most can feel energy flowing; so I assume that the Level 1 attunement awakens what you call mental muscles by, my guess is, connecting the student to some sort of what you call ethereal software. Of course, mine is a small market sample, as I have not chosen to make Reiki my whole Path and therefore do not do attunements as a Reiki Master, but everyone I have ever seen or heard of can do Reiki, albeit with various levels of proficiency, strength and perception after the first attunement.

    One note of caution: As with any spiritual discipline, I think lineage is important. So I would advise being quite comfortable with the Reiki Master and also with the lineage they represent, if at all possible, before submitting to the ritual. I, myself, would stay away from the “weekend-wonder” Reiki seminars where the Reiki Master gives all three levels of attunement from Level 1, through Level 3 (Master) in one weekend. From a spiritual perspective, I think those weekend-wonder seminars are indicative of a Reiki Master who is too focused on the material ($$$) to produce good connections to an authentic lineage. From a pragmatic perspective, the attunements often produce significant upheaval in the students’ lives and so it’s better to integrate one level at a time with breaks in between.

  6. You guys rock. I love all the different approaches, and seeing that energy meditation does indeed work for most people. I’ve decided to turn this from a chapter into a section of the book, discussing using my ethereal software, an energy meditation, a reiki attunement, a traditional ritual and physical movements like tai chi. Thanks so much for writing, everyone.

  7. JP Alcala says:

    When I used to take in students, the first thing I teach them is energy meditation.

    Back in the 90’s, I named the technique The Pillar of Light. I made them do the whole thing in order to make them slowly realize what kinds of energy one can tap into, and what thry could use it for.

    I’ve reposted the original text in its entirety in my new blog. You could find it here:

    P.S. thanks to you and your blog, I was inspired to share what I know, hoping that others could use it for practical purposes. And I still owe you a reply regarding our failed levitation experiment.

  8. Simon says:

    Thanks to this blog I was pointed in the direction the Robert Bruce NEW system. I’m not a beginner but had gone away from explicit ‘energy’ raising. I had previously worked with the middle pillar visualization which is well known amongst golden dawn circles- which does work well. But I have to say the NEW system provides the most direct and clear-cut feedback right form the start and focuses on stimulating very specific areas of the body and then building up the process rather than just doing large scale – ‘visualize white light in your arm’. So agree with others that its worth looking into.

    Being at something of a crossroads in my practice (not novice but definitely not expert) i’m itching to see this new book you’re working on….

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