Heating My Body with Energy

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You’ve probably heard that magickal energy can make your hands feel warm. Maybe you’ve even experienced it yourself. I certainly have. But I’ve only recently had success heating my whole body on a cold day.  I’m pretty excited about it, and I want to tell you what happened, and why it’s significant.

Living in San Francisco, I walk a lot. One evening, was meeting some friends about a half-hour away, and left my jacket behind because it had been warm during the day. Well, the evening was cold, and I would have gone back from a coat, except I got a psychic intuition that I should just keep going. This seemed like a good chance to test that intuition — if it was wrong, I’d be a little cold, but nothing serious — so I decided to go with it.

A few blocks later, I was starting to get cold, but got another intuition to keep going. “Guess psychic needs some more work,” I thought, then decided to see if I could do something about the temperature. I’d just awakened new mental muscles for energy healing and other effects in the body. Most of the time, it takes a few tries and some training before I learn to use new mental muscles well enough to get good results. But sometimes, particularly when you’ve awakened all the mental muscles for certain task, they simply know how to do things. And this day, I got lucky.

I engaged all my mental muscles (new and old) for working with the body, and asked them to increase my body temperature. I don’t recall the exact phrasing, but as long as your intent is clear, exact phrasing usually doesn’t matter with mental muscles. I’d tried this a year ago and gotten little more than a tingling in my hands. So, I kept walking, expecting nothing, still thinking my psychic intuitions were just off. (I mention that because there’s an idea that magick only works if you expect it to work, which is inaccurate in my experience.)

Within a few minutes, my torso and arms felt warmer. Nothing big, but clear and noticeable, and enough to get me exploring. I asked the mental muscles to add my hands to the effect, and it worked. Then I asked them to sink the new signature into the deeper layers, past energy and closer to cells. This causes a larger, faster result in energy healing, and it worked here, too: I changed from simply not feeling as cold to actually feeling warm, and my hands felt warm when I touched them to my stomach and face.

I kept this up for the remaining 20 minutes of the walk, then the entire 30 minutes walking home. Both times, by the end of it, my arms were feeling uncomfortably hot, like I wanted to roll up my sleeves. I’ve done the effect a few times since then, and I can regulate it so I’m at a comfortable temperature, but it was just so neat getting such a large result that I wanted to keep feeling the excessive heat and enjoy my success at magick more than I wanted my arms to be physically comfortable.

Why I’m Excited

Eliminating the need for a coat is much less useful than eliminating pain. So why does this result excite me more than many of the healing sessions I’ve written about?

First, it was a clear, near-instant result, much more obvious than most healing techniques. And it’s easier for me to say it’s not placebo — I’ve been hypnotized to make my arm feel warm, and it was nowhere near as noticeable as this. Like most of you, I occasionally doubt my magick, and this result is really nice for reassuring myself. Also, it’s a nice confirmation that my psychic intuitions are working.

Second, the effect hardly required any energy. The point wasn’t to swamp my body with magick energy. Instead, the point was to shift the signature of my cells, presumably to trigger them to burn more glucose and generate more energy. This is perfectly in line with what I would expect from my model of healing: The significant part of the healing result comes from changing the signature, not from supplying lots of magickal energy. So it’s a nice confirmation of that model. The way the effect intensified when I sunk the signature into the deeper layers (closer to cells) is also perfectly in line with that model.

And third, because the effect just worked. It didn’t take a month of debugging. I know that developing a technique through debugging is a sign that you’re developing as a mage, but sometimes, it’s just exciting to have a quick, easy win with a new effect that works the first time you try it.

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12 Responses to “Heating My Body with Energy”

  1. Kol Drake says:

    Not to sound totally cynical but, it will be more of a success if you can get this ‘body heat’ to work on a cold night *without* movement/exercise. Having been an old high school runner and military ‘trotter’, I know you can get some steam up just by continuing to move… perhaps not as well as ‘wanting to roll up the sleeves’ but, I did spend days in snowy southern Germany with just a sweatshirt and a sleeveless vest and jeans and kept pretty toasty ‘just’ walking about the slopes and cities.

    Now, for another test, come on down to the South when it’s 90-100 and 95% humidity and ‘keep cool’. Another test!

    This does make sense though since studies over the years with ‘yoga/meditation gurus’ has had them doing body regulation of heart and blood flow and showing positive results. Being able to consciously ‘do’ that is a logical extension of body work.

    • Indeed, doing it while sitting still would be a better test. I will say, I walk this far all the time, and it wasn’t particularly taxing. But next time I’m waiting for the train on a cold night, I’ll see what I can do.

      I didn’t think to do the opposite and reduce heat, but that could be really useful too. You’ll probably see a follow-up to this post in a month or so.

  2. wsa says:

    Wow, Mike, that’s really interesting. Tibetan Buddhism has a practice called Tum-mo (or gTum-mo) that has been studied a fair bit scientifically with the Dalai Lama’s support (start here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tummo if you’re interested in doing more research on it.)

    From a Tibetan Buddhist perspective, the practice requires a Empowerment or Transmission (permission to do the practice as well as instruction, aka Lung, Wang and Tri.) Within the practice there’s an elaborate visualization, nothing like you describe, which is one reason I find your experience so interesting. Although, I do recognize what Kol Drake says about a certain level of physical exercise producing quite substantial results in physical warmth as also true.

    I would be very interested to see if you can find a protocol to cool as well as warm, as also suggested by Kol. As far as I know there’s no corresponding cooling protocol in any Yogic or Buddhist or even Shamanic discipline. Of course that does not mean there isn’t one, I just have never heard of one, and I am fairly widely read.

    Chinese medicine recognizes certain substances as cooling or even cold, and they can be used as herbs to treat such things as heat stroke or sun stroke and other conditions caused by heat either physical and environmental heat or constitutional/energetic heat symptoms. But as far as I know, they might relieve the symptoms of overheating (hyperthermia) or of constitutional heat, but they don’t really reduce the body’s measurable temperature dramatically, they just relieve the symptoms.

    Tum-mo has produced a measureable increase in body temperature of a few degrees in a few minutes under laboratory conditions; the classical test for spiritual attainment of Tum-mo is to dry wet sheets on your body while sitting in a classical meditative posture in the snow. I would think it would be quite the achievement if you could similarly reduce your body’s measureable temperature a few degrees in a few minutes.

    • Very cool. I knew there was work like this in eastern styles, but I didn’t realize there was scientific research backing it up. It’s nice to have the broader context, and if I do wind up doing further research in this (such as cooling myself, altering the temperature of lab animals to verify it’s an external force I’m using, etc), that broader context will be really useful. Thanks!

      On visualization: This is something I see a lot. One style learns to do something with a complex visualization, and that’s just how everyone does it. But when you pare down what’s actually required, the visualization is just sending instructions to your mental muscles, and if you can consciously engage those mental muscles and send them an instruction as a sentence, you can skip the visualization. I’ve seen the same thing in tantra, in channeling Reiki energy, and in other fields. To me, skipping visualizations like this is one of the defining features of direct magick.

  3. JP Alcala says:

    You observed that it took you very little energy to resist the cold. One possible explanation to it is that you already have a natural resistance to the cold. In elemental magick, knowing your elemental affinity also determines your natural resistances. I have a natural resistance to cold due to my strong affinity with water. I use my magick to increase my resistance to heat (I live in a tropical country), and the amount of effort I have to exert is an order of magnitude larger than when increasing my resistance to cold.

    Your observations with regards to healing is correct: it’s about using magickal energy to make changes at the cellular level. However, one thing I have yet to observe is killing bacteria using magickal energy. So far, my successful healings involved reinforcing the person’s immune system so that it could fight the infection. What are your thoughts on this?

    • Here’s what I’ve done with colds, both bacterial and viral:


      (It’s a series.)

      By the way, saying I’m “correct” sounds a bit odd, like a teacher who has access to the absolute correct answer, rather than another researcher who agrees with me based on their experiences. Just a thought.

      On natural affinity: It sounds like you’re saying that you’re good at cooling yourself, and that’s how you know you have a natural affinity to water. But if all the natural affinity tells us is that you’re good at cooling yourself, why not just say “I’m good at cooling myself,” and leave it at that? Why introduce the extra terms and concepts of a “natural affinity”?

      • JP Alcala says:

        I think I used the wrong term. What I meant was that we have the same observation. And the materials I’ve read before share the same idea.

        I guess I’m speaking from the perspective of someone who practices elemental magick. From what I’ve learned, the human body is the best example of the four basic elements (earth, air, fire, and water) working in harmony. However, all of us will naturally favor one element, hence the term. Our elemental affinity has an effect on a lot of things: from the kind of energy we can harness, to our personalities. Having a natural resistance to one element does not imply affinity, only a possibility.

        Saying “I’m good at resisting the cold” does not explain anything. It’s just a statement. I am sharing what I know so that we can compare perspectives on the same topic, and possibly offer explanations to concepts that can’t be simply explained by one perspective.

        Since your dealings with direct magick allow you to observe what’s going on at deeper levels, this can be a good topic to investigate further. Elemental affinity is not a new concept, and a different perspective is always welcome.

        • Thanks for explaining. I see what you’re getting at now: You use a model based around elements, so saying you have an elemental affinity has a broader significance within that model, for example, that people who are good at one skill tend to also be good at other skills, which are clustered together as an “elemental affinity.” Cool. Thanks for explaining.

          And the way you said you had the same experiences, that was a great way to put it. I think people will respond a lot more positively to that. Thanks!

  4. wsa says:

    I have been thinking about your new experience since you posted it. And I wonder:

    1 – What effect would the ability to increase your body’s subjective temperature have on your metabolism? If it actually increases your body’s metabolic processes, would it have an effect on weight? Might you have found a weight-loss protocol? I have read over and over that weight loss is one thing that Magick doesn’t do very well. One of the odd-ball alternative weight-loss protocols studied is to reduce your surrounding temperature and your clothing… I have read it works, although never tried it. When working outside in arctic temperatures, humans need an unbelievable amount of calories, some say as much as much as an additional 3000 to 6000 calories per day just because of the ambient temperatures! It would be really interesting to find out if your new protocol would burn a significant amount of calories.

    2 – If you do actually increase your body’s internal temperature, what effect would that have upon pathogens and parasites? After all, fever is your immune system’s response to pathogen invasion. Might the increase in metabolism be a boost to your body’s immune functions? If so, might it be a reasonable prophylactic protocol to raise your body’s temperature if you suspect you have been exposed to a pathogen? I am thinking cold & flu season here… in Chinese Medicine there’s quite a few herbal formulas to take prophylactically both as a general tonic during cold and flu season, and also as a specific prophylactic upon exposure. Might this be the new Direct Magick cold and flu treatment?

    You have been looking for methods to study and to prove the objective existence of Magick, if you’ve got a reproducible method of weight loss and of pathogen elimination, you might have found your protocol to provide objective, measureable proof. Although it must be noted that that’s never worked for hypnosis or any of the other methods that mainstream allopathic medicine considers fringe, sadly.

    • Really interesting questions. These are things I haven’t thought of, and it shows that you really get what direct magick is about.

      On 1 (weight loss), it’s possible, but it feels really speculative. I was about to write some ideas here on how to approach weight loss magick, but the body systems are so complex that I just don’t know where to start. If I increase your metabolism, wouldn’t you just eat more to compensate? After doing the heating, I was fairly hungry, and ate both at the event and after returning home, though I normally eat at those times anyway. But weight loss feels like it would have feedback cycles, like healing chronic hives, which was much more complex than this effect. It’s a neat idea, though.

      On 2: I hadn’t thought of this at all, either. In terms of direct magick for colds, I already have that:


      But there might be other healing applications for heat changes.

      In terms of increasing immune function, my general model of magick healing is that it increases or decreases specific cellular processes (which process depends on the signature), which sounds like what you’re talking about. The hard part is isolating the particular process you want to boost, and understanding how the body will react to that boost, since it may make other adjustments that negate the healing you’d hoped for. For example, do you want to boost white blood cell production, or the messenger signal that triggers a response? Remember that we reduced that trigger to heal Lisa’s hives, so increasing it may have side effects. These are the things that make it so hard to develop healing more complex than “reduce inflammation and increase cell growth.”

      I’m not sure if that was clear. I may not have explained enough background info yet, so please do let me know.

      Also, sorry to rain on your parade. While I don’t think these particular techniques are likely to work, I’m really excited that you’re understanding direct magick enough to ask good, new questions about it. Please, do keep it up.

      • wsa says:

        Mike, I have not read your response well enough yet, but since I am going off-line for a couple of days, I want to quickly comment on what sunk in on a very quick skim.

        Weight Loss: I am betting on it working, IF your protocol raises objective body temperature. I have my reasons why within my own paradigms, but that would take too long to outline right now.

        Prophylactic treatment of parasites and acute dis-eases: Again if your protocol raises objective body temperature, I am betting it would be a good general treatment for parasites and might even treat some that are really hard to treat like those that cross the blood-brain barrier. Many parasites and bacteria and other unwanted critters are very sensitive to temperatures even just a few degrees above the body norm. I also would bet on it being a good prophylactic treatment for other acutes such as colds and flus… I think you might have missed the *prophylactic* part?… not that inducing higher objective body temperature (aka fever) would not *treat* acutes per se… just that this might be another treatment and a good prophylactic. Again, I have my reasons within my own current paradigms. Oh and one more thing, many people take prophylactic herbs (and even drugs) for parasites and also for cold/flu prophylaxis on a periodic basis… like quarterly or seasonally; it might be really nice to have a protocol that did not require adding in chemicals and drugs (as even herbs are both) into the system for one reason or another. That’s one of the good things about acupuncture. It can also treat and even prevent without adding in the potential complication of chemicals/drugs, even if herbal.

        You know I am not yet a practitioner of Direct Magick, it’s nice to know you think I am progressing in my mental model of it tho. :) I will endeavor to continue.

        As to the foregoing… I could be right, could be wrong, only time and perhaps my own progression along your path will tell in the end, but I am still leanings towards this protocol working as I speculate because of things from my own current paradigms… nothing like a little healthy ego and arrogance, huh? ;-)

        Anxiously awaiting that BOOK! Meanwhile, I will reread your response in detail with the appropriate level of thought and consideration as soon as I can.

        • Thanks for the vote of confidence. This happens to me a fair amount, actually, where people around me have more confidence in my magick than I do. Usually they’re right, too. I’ll keep temperature effects in mind if I ever have to heal (not “treat”) someone with parasites.

          I’ll get back to the book next week. Have been procrastinating a bit with tying the ethereal software to the sigil, but I finally got that under way today. Thanks for the nudge.

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