My Magick This Week (June 10)

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I’m adding a new weekly post: The magick practice I did this week, so you can see what I’m working on and what I do with direct magick.

I had 3 projects this week: Quiet mental posture, making the sigil, and awakening another large mental muscle for communication.

Quiet Mental Posture

Remember the technique to quiet my mind in an afternoon? I did it for more of my mind. A bit of background:

There are 4 major groups of mental muscles: Access (which handles connections); mental activation (which works with getting power to all the right places to awaken mental muscles and other things); effects (which handles altering energy and form for energy healing, influencing emotions, and so on); and communication (sending and receiving messages with spirits and ethereal software). Each group has a lot of individual mental muscles that work together to accomplish that goal, and until I had a lot of muscles active for each group, I had a hard time seeing what that group was for.

Last week, I prepared thinking mind to receive information from the “access” group of mental muscles. It took me 2 days, once you add in the practice time to do magick while in the new quiet posture, and I was feeling all productive. Then I went back to my trainer, who watched me, and said, “I know I told you to just set that up for the access group, but really, you also need to get the mental activation group and the effects group in that posture, too, so they can all send you information accurately.” I didn’t feel so productive anymore.

This is fairly common, actually. A lot of my work involves learning a technique to make my mental muscles work better, then spending a week applying it to all my muscles. It’s not the exciting part of magick, but I just work through it, telling myself that this sort of repetitive practice is what makes the difference between an expert and a hobbyist. (Not sure if that’s entirely true, but it helps me work through the exercises, and sometimes, being effective matters more than being entirely accurate.)

Two days later, I had a quiet mental posture set up for three groups of mental muscles, and it is indeed more clear when I look around my mind, body, and the paths that supply power to both of them. So I’m happy with the results, though a bit bummed because I thought I’d get to start new projects this week.

Making the Sigil

I’m very slowly moving forward on tying the book’s ethereal software to a sigil, so you can all get access to it. The work itself isn’t hard, I just need to:

  • Channel a sigil from the Enochian spirits. (Done — this was surprisingly easy. I thought it would be tiring, but the shapes came through easily.)
  • Computerize the symbols. (I downloaded several computer softwares for this, but haven’t actually done it.)
  • Train in how to tie the ethereal software to a symbol, then actually do it. (Should be 1 day of work for all 6 symbols.)
  • Test it on myself and some friends, then post it for all of you to test.

Honestly, I’ve been dragging my feet on this. I expect to fail several times before I get it right. Maybe the sigil won’t connect you reliably, or it’ll require the mage to participate in making the connection (which many readers won’t know how to do), or I’ll have other problems I can’t yet foresee. That’s just the nature of learning a new technique: It will require debugging. But I’m worried I’ll look foolish, debugging this technique publicly based on your feedback. And so, I keep putting it off, hoping that learning a bit more magick will turn this into something easy that I succeed with right away. But I made progress last week, and I’ll probably do a closed beta this coming week (where I email the sigil to some friends to verify it works for them), then post it after that.

By the way: A friend is already using the ethereal software with good results. I’ll post some of her experiences soon, too.

Awakening a Mental Muscle

I spent a couple of half-distracted days awakening a new mental muscle. Really, a group of mental muscles, devoted to communication, making it as large as my other groups of mental muscles. This should make communication much easier, helping my training, manifesting, and a lot of other work.

That should excite me, but I’m not quite ready to be excited. Before it’s useful, I need to update my mental posture to take advantage of the new muscles (1 day), then update the connections my mental muscles use to send and receive messages with my thinking mind (1-2 days), then develop a quiet mental posture for all the areas that receive messages, which is basically my entire mind (who knows how long this takes). So this is probably 1-2 weeks of work, and since I’ll be making lots of changes to how I do communication, it’ll probably get harder before it gets easier. Which means that I’m kind of dreading this project. But this work is the price of becoming more skilled, and it’s nothing complex at this point, just a matter of repeating techniques I already know.


Wow, that was kind of a downer. Sorry. Really, my work goes in waves. At first, I’ll be excited about learning something new and seeing it work. (That was two weeks ago.) Then, I’ll repeat that technique on all my different mental muscles, and the new and exciting technique will become a repetitive task that I just work through. (This past week.) Then, as I finish applying it everywhere, I’ll see all these improvements in my magick and become excited again. (This coming week, I hope.) It just happens that I’m in the slow part of my work this week, but this is all normal for me, and it will all pass.

Thoughts? Was this helpful for you? Should I make this a weekly post? Thanks for the feedback.

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  1. Ananael Qaa says:

    I can’t speak for anyone else, but I think it’s great. Not necessarily these particular practices, but the general idea of a weekly post on your current magical work. I’ve long been of the opinion that the more material practitioners can subject to scrutiny by their peers, the more quickly magick will be able to evolve into something resembling a mature science.

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