My Magick This Week (June 17)

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Last week, I awakened more mental muscles for communication, but needed more setup before I could use them:

Before it’s useful, I need to update my mental posture to take advantage of the new muscles (1 day), then update the connections my mental muscles use to send and receive messages with my thinking mind (1-2 days), then develop a quiet mental posture for all the areas that receive messages, which is basically my entire mind (who knows how long this takes).

Well, that’s what I did this week. I want to tell you about the changes I’ve noticed so far in my communication with ethereal software and spirits, but before I can do that, I need to tell you a little bit about communication in general.

Magick Communication 101

Broadly, there are three types of communication:

1. The spirit sends messages to your brain. Even non-mages can receive these messages, but it requires a lot of skill and focus from the sender. Most spirits don’t bother with this, and many don’t even bother learning it. Messages received in this way often lack details, though the receiver may fill in details (with what they expect to hear — not with accurate data) before becoming consciously aware of the message. Once you can receive using option #2, you probably won’t ever do option #1 again.

2. The spirit sends messages to thinking mind, which has permanent connections to the receiver’s brain (established through repeated practice and / or initiation). This is the most common method. It greatly simplifies the technique for the sender, without requiring too much of the receiver. Every psychic I’ve ever worked with does communication this way, as do most mages. This is my preferred method of communication because it’s fast and easy for me, and not too difficult for the spirit.

3. Both parties capture their thoughts, package them, and send them to the other party. Here, the mage does a lot of the work that falls to the spirit in option #2, so it’s more work, but there are several advantages. First, many spirits and ethereal software cannot do option #2 effectively, so learning this technique expands the range of who you can talk to. Second, even among the spirits who can do #2 effectively, you still know your mind better than they do, and I find I get more accurate messages using this technique. And third, since you’re not allowing the spirit to connect to your mind, you can safely communicate even with untrustworthy spirits, without allowing them to drain you or cloud your thinking.

You can then extend #3 by learning to send your message to someone else’s mind, making you the spirit in the second scenario. I’ve started learning that, but still have a long way to go.

Okay, back to what I did this week. After all that setup, there are a few noticeable changes to my communication:

Clearer Communication

This week, I set up a lot more connections to deliver messages to thinking mind, which I use when I’m doing method #3, and which spirits and ethereal software use to know where to connect when they do method #2.

The result is, I pick up more nuance in the message, more connotations and emotions, and more shades of meaning, like the difference between “I recommend” and “I think you should.”

I’m also starting to notice emotional undertones and messages from ethereal software. A psychic intuition will include excitement if it’s something good, or scolding if I didn’t do what it told me to and got into trouble. Maybe ethereal software does have emotions, and I didn’t notice them in the messages because I didn’t have the emotion-receiving connections set up well enough? I’ll have to look into this later.

Also, I’m much clearer about which intuitions are psychic intuitions, and which are simply my own best guess. Before last week, I could clearly tell a psychic intuition when I consciously asked for guidance, but had a hard time with the intuitions that simply came to me. I wasn’t focused when they came in, so I didn’t know whether they were external or internal. That was making it hard to trust my intuitions, so it’s nice to have that sorted out.

(I know this is a common problem. I don’t think my solution will work for most people, but I’ll see what I can do to find a simpler solution.)

Faster Communication

The main reason I preferred option #2 (where the spirit handles most of the communication) over option #3 (where I handle half the communication) was speed. The spirit’s messages were near-instant, like a phone call, but when I’d capture my thoughts, pack them up, unpack the spirit’s message, and deposit it into my thinking mind, it was like instant messaging with a slow typist. I’d say this delay is 2-3x shorter now that I have more mental muscles working on communication, which makes handling the communication myself much more practical. And, once I start doing that in my everyday work, I’ll finally get enough practice to eliminate the delay entirely (I hope).

Receiving Images?

A few weeks ago, I improved how most of my mental muscles connect to thinking mind. Afterward, I started getting some of the information as images, along with the other concepts my mental muscles had always given me. For example, rather than simply knowing about the different tissues that I was working with during a healing session, I’d see a diagram of where they all were.

The images were like vividly-imagine image, not something I was seeing with my eyes. But it was still the first time I got visual information from my mental muscles, so it was pretty exciting. Also, don’t get too caught up in seeing things: This is just another way for mental muscles to display the information they already have, but the information isn’t any more accurate simply because it’s visual.

This week, I set up more connections to place messages into my thinking mind, which included connections to some of the same areas. So maybe I can receive images more clearly now, which would be really useful for communicating sigils, e-mail addresses, and other messages that don’t translate well to concepts. I’ll need to do some testing, but this is something I’ve wanted to learn for over a year now, so it would be pretty exciting.

As an aside: This is actually pretty typical. I’ll want to learn something from long time, get training in the technique, but not get very far. Then, sometime later, I’ll awaken more mental muscles, or change how the muscles connect to thinking mind, or do some other fundamental improvement in how I do magick, and suddenly, that thing I was working on will suddenly become easy, because I put all the other work in already and was just missing that one fundamental skill.

Improved Psychic Setup

Since I can communicate longer messages more clearly and quickly now, I improved my psychic settings. Previously, I’d told the ethereal software to guide me to be successful, and it did that well, but I wasn’t happy with the information I would get when I asked questions. For example, I’d say, “Tell me what will happen at my interview Monday,” and it would warm me about potential pitfalls. So it’d prepare responses for those problems, only the question would never even come up. In other words, it was continuing to guide me to take actions that lead to success (prepare for potential problems) rather than accurately answering my question (tell me what is likely to happen).

It turns out, that’s what happens when you ask it to guide you: It tells you things that will cause you to take good actions, even if those things aren’t entirely true. Kind of like warning your kids that, if they don’t brush their teeth, monsters will eat them.

The solution was to specify another setting: That, when I asked the question, I want accurate information in addition to guidance. I added that setting, along with the specifications to monitor both my thoughts and my actions as it guides me toward success. I did a bit of testing last night, which looked good, though I’ll need to live with it for a few weeks to really know.


I’m actually pretty excited now. I wasn’t this morning, before writing this. But as I reviewed what I intended to do, noticed that I thought it might take two weeks, and walked through all the improvements I’m seeing, I’ve gotten myself pretty excited about the progress I’ve made. I hadn’t realized this would be a benefit of blogging my work, but it seems kind of obvious now that I’m doing it.

So, let me invite you all to join me. I’ll call it the “Magick Update Project.” Periodically — once a day, once a week, once a month, whatever works for you — post what you’ve accomplished since your last update. If you have a blog, post it there, and leave a link on one of my weekly update posts. If you don’t have a blog, just leave it in the comments of one of these posts.

I’ve found that posting what I accomplish has made me more excited about my progress, and also made me accomplish a little more each week. (I was going to improve my psychic settings today, but did it yesterday so I could tell you about it here.) I hope posting about your magick will do the same for you.

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