Software to Draw Sigils?

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I just worked with an Enochian spirit to make a sigil for the ethereal software I’m shipping with my book. He sent me 6 symbols (similar look to Enochian letters), told me to tie each of them individually to my software, and then construct a sigil (any sigil) out of them. Presumably, you could tie different sigils to different commands, like you do for the different Enochian angels, but that’s more advanced than I need right now.

Before tying the symbols to the software, I want to computerize them*. Which brings me to my question:

What computer software do you use to draw sigils? The symbols consist of curves, lines and dots. I’ll also need to combine the symbols into a sigil. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. I’m on a mac, but can get access to a windows box.

*Why computerize the symbols first? Right now they’re arbitrary, so it doesn’t matter if I transcribe them poorly. After I tie a symbol to my ethereal software, then it becomes important to reproduce it faithfully, but until then, it’s just lines on paper.

If the symbols are arbitrary, why did I bother asking the Enochian spirit for help? Because I have zero experience here, and any symbols I made would probably look like English letters, which wouldn’t work well because, well, those symbols are everywhere.



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5 Responses to “Software to Draw Sigils?”

  1. Dark Arckana says:

    Z-Brush or Photoshop. Those are the only ones I use, so they’re the only ones I can recommend. You could also use paint, but it’s not good. To combine them, you can actually make them into stamps using photoshop.

  2. Kol Drake says:

    I am on a mac and use GIMP — free open source and it allows you to add layers so you can ‘build up’ the sigil layer by layer (or add or subtract as needed). It’s not a polished package like Photoshop but does all PS does and then some.

  3. JP Alcala says:

    Why not sketch it on pen and paper first? Once you’re happy with it, then scan it then trace it in a vector graphics-capable software (Adobe Illustrator?).

  4. Thanks guys, these are all really helpful. I’m going to start with GIMP, as a legally-free option, and see where I wind up. Thanks a bunch.

  5. KeeCoyote says:

    I would also look into Inkscape. This program lets you make vector drawings so you can scale the size of the sigil any size you want. Inkscape also has a very nice caligraphy drawing brush.
    Also look into Mypaint and alchemy, not vector drawings but useful.

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