The Importance of Rest (My Work June 17-23)

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For the last two weeks, I’ve made a lot of new connections involving thinking mind, which is the energetic representation of neural signaling, more or less. Some of the connections came from the new mental muscles I awakened. Others came from changing my mental posture, which changes connections inside thinking mind. In all, I did each of those several times, and wound up with a ton of new connections.

It was too much. It became mildly difficult to focus on magick, and whenever I’d start a session, I’d always feel like it would be better to have a snack or read something first. And so, I procrastinated.

In the past, I would have just kept pushing through the procrastination and done more magick work. But I’ve found that approach can lead to overexertion and real exhaustion, which slows me down long-term. So now, I listen to those feelings and let myself rest. (I still maintain shielding, talk with spirits, and do other easy tasks, but no new work.)

I normally allow myself one day of procrastination without any explanation, because I do magick 7 days a week, and sometimes, you just need some rest. By the second day, I did some manifesting, which said to keep resting. Another few days, and I did some training, asking a skilled spirit to check me out and give me advice. He explained what I said above — that I overdid the changes to thinking mind — and adjusted a few of those connections, then told me to rest for another couple of days.

So, that was my week: Resting. A year ago, I would have felt guilty about not getting much done, but at this point, I just accept it as the natural consequence of pushing yourself, and let myself enjoy the week off. So, I’m writing this for anyone who feels guilty about resting (like I did a year ago), in the hope that it might help you become more comfortable taking the rest you need, too.

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