Weekly Comments Round-Up (June 16)

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Time for another comments roundup. This time, we have tips on selecting a good Reiki attunement, how direct magick skills help with ritual magick, a new magick blog inspired by me, and magick to influence the lottery.

We have good insights on how to find a reputable Reiki practitioner for attunements from WSA. I don’t do Reiki myself, but what she says makes a lot of sense, and I think it’s a good general guideline for finding reputable practitioners of any style.

Ananael had some great insights on how direct magick skills can help traditional ritual practitioners. This is something I’ve wanted to talk about, but since I don’t do rituals, it’s hard for me to go there. Be sure to scroll down to see his 2nd, meatier comment. (I’ll probably respond to it with a post soon.)

JP Alcala has started his own magick blog, and he credits me with getting him going. Awesome! JP, my biggest advice: Pick a regular schedule, commit to it, keep it up. Forcing yourself to write is the only way to become a better writer, and the only way to build up enough content to become a real resource.

Another one from Ananael: He talks about experiments he did to influence powerball, a lottery in the US. Lots of good data in his comments. (Scroll down for his 2nd comment.) I’ll probably do my own tests with his techniques later this year.

And a fun comment from Ananael on how magick doesn’t “work like magic”:

It’s not just magick that differs in real life from its fictional representation. When was the last time you met a martial arts expert who could fly through the air as in most cheesy Kung Fu movies? How about a scientist who could do the equivalent of uploading a computer virus to an alien spacecraft, as in Independence Day – when half the time it’s pretty difficult to get a Mac and PC to talk to each other, let alone a Mac and an alien mainframe (or whatever the heck the alien computer was supposed to be)?

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