Weekly Comments Round-Up (June 2)

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Once again, it’s time to round up your best comments from the past week or so. This time, we have research on energy healing for African bush babies (similar to monkeys), thoughts on how isolating magickal experiences are in western culture, and a discussion of consecrated ritual tools.

Lisa found a double-blind randomized control study on using prayer to heal African bush babies, with statistically significant results. (That’s a fancy way of saying “the healing worked.”) Between the study setup and the nonhuman subjects, this should eliminate placebo. My comment, below hers, has a link to the abstract and a few thoughts. (You need to pay to get the actual study, and I’d be soooo sued if I posted it.)

The post on the reader who hears voices got 23 (!) comments. Most of them were excellent questions or thoughts for the reader, but one struck a broader tone: Ona had a great comment on how isolating these mystical experiences are for people living in a secular western culture. It’s short and insightful, and I very much identified with it.

And on the recent post on ritual tools, Ananael had some great replies on consecrated vs unconsecrated tools (which I’ll probably do a series on at some point), and Ona had an interesting new take on it: Putting in the effort to get the ritual tools demonstrates that you’re serious to any spirits you might want to work with.

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