Awakening Your Mental Muscles – Intro

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I’m writing my book again. Part 1 is mostly done, and I’m working on Part 2: Awakening Your Mental Muscles. Today’s post is the introduction to that section.

The biggest difference between experienced magick practitioners and everyone else isn’t a knowledge of rituals or symbols. It’s not having the favor of spirits or deities. And it definitely isn’t the ownership of wands or cloaks.

No, the biggest difference — and really, the only important one — is that experienced magick practitioners have awakened their mental muscles, and know how to engage them to a particular purpose.

Everyone has mental muscles, but most of them are hibernating and atrophied. If you’ve never practiced magick, then all your mental muscles are probably asleep. But even if you already practice magick, that only awakens those specific mental muscles used in your practice. The others are still asleep.

This section will show you how to awaken the mental muscles you’ll need to start practicing direct magick, which may include some mental muscles you haven’t yet used or awakened with your other styles of magick.

In my own practice, I spent about a decade awakening mental muscles. At least once a month, I’d find new ones, awaken them, and discover that they made some aspect of magick a bit easier. I’ve developed techniques to awaken mental muscles, then improved those techniques, and then discovered more about how mental muscles work and developed whole new techniques to awaken more of them faster. It’s a large portion of my own research.

But those techniques will take several books to teach. To get you started, I’ve programmed my ethereal software to awaken the first few mental muscles you’ll need for direct magick. Even if you already practice magick, I recommend working these exercises to awaken any additional mental muscles you’ll need to start learning direct magick. It’ll make the rest of this book go much smoother.

And, if you’re learning magick for the first time and want to explore several styles, working these exercises will help all of them, because you use a lot of the same mental muscles in all styles of magick.

In the next chapter, we’ll discuss how to use my ethereal software to awaken your mental muscles. If you already practice magick, read that chapter, then skip the rest of this section. For everyone else, I’ll show you a basic energy meditation to practice as your mental muscles awaken, so you can feel them working and strengthen them from day one. And, for anyone who doesn’t want to use my ethereal software, I’ll give you some other ways to awaken your mental muscles and start practicing magick.

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