Direct Magick for Enlightenment

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I recently stumbled onto a new technique for enlightenment. I did the technique yesterday and today, with immediate, dramatic results. I’m quite pleased with it.

It’s hard to share. For one, it’s quite advanced, basically a bigger version of consciousness integration, which itself is advanced direct magick. In other words, this will be me telling you about my experience, rather than me teaching you a technique. Second, I’m not sure I can convey the changes convincingly, or┬ámeaningfully express my excitement. Third, every time I start writing, I imagine friends dismissing my experience as just internal psychological placebo, or thinking they could do the same thing just by meditating hard. Yes, dear readers, insecurity about people dismissing your magick never really dies. And yet, I think the only way to move forward is to share and see what happens.

I can’t write mammoth posts right now, what with consulting 8 hours a day. And even my normal 1,000 word posts couldn’t cover everything I want to say. So, today, I’ll give you an outline of the series, then start filling in details tomorrow.

First, I’ll review the big picture behind consciousness integration and how it relates to enlightenment. This is the basis for the technique, and it introduces the main concepts behind my version of enlightenment.

Then, we’ll discuss a simple model of enlightenment I got from the spirits who developed this technique. I like simple models because I can imagine each step. Complex models can be mystifying, and cover up misunderstanding with complexity. Simple models either work, or they don’t, and this one seems to work.

I’ll close with my experiences from using these techniques, and some examples of thought patterns that changed.

Teased yet? Come back tomorrow for the first installment.

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