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It’s finally time to share my ethereal software. As excited as you probably are to get to try this out, I’m more excited to be shipping it — getting something accomplished, and getting my book a few steps closer to done. So, let’s jump in, and talk about what it does, what I’d like it to do soon, and the basics of using it.

What It Does

The ethereal software can handle manifesting, energy healing, and shielding. It can also awaken some of your mental muscles — not all of them, but enough to get you started learning magick without having to fake it till you make it. Eventually, we’ll add training (from spirits or AI spirits) and consciousness integration (for personal growth), and we can add more to the list as we go.

In order to take all that work, though, you’ll need to do some internal work to prepare your mind to receive all of those messages, and you’ll also need to learn the various commands. In total, that will take close to two books, so I’ll probably be writing about it for a year or more.

But so far, most of you have never consciously felt ethereal software connect to you. I say “consciously felt” because most of you do some sort of magick, so you would have felt ethereal software, it just wasn’t distinctive or noticeable to you. So, that’s our goal for today: Get my ethereal software to connect in an obvious way, so you notice it.

Connecting to the Ethereal Software

Simply click this link and focus on the sigil. The whole thing is one sigil; each symbol that makes it up is independently bound to my ethereal software, then combined in the sigil for redundancy. The symbols themselves don’t mean anything, and as far as I know — they don’t appear in any other alphabets I’m aware of. If I missed some alphabet, please do let me know.

There’s no particular technique to looking at the sigil, but focus on it while you look at it — don’t just glance at it while distracted. To prevent it from bothering people who didn’t intend to connect, you have to maintain that focus for about 15 seconds to a minute. (Doing it longer won’t hurt, but shouldn’t be necessary.) That’s all you have to do.

The ethereal software will make two connections to you. One is designed to be obvious to most experienced mages, though it may not be obvious to everyone, and may not even be obvious to every single experienced mage. The other is designed to facilitate communication, allowing it to read your thoughts as commands. If your mind is prepared, that second connection will also allow it to send you replies.

By the way, just about every one of those steps is more complex than it sounds. Recognizing that you’re looking at the sigil involves another piece of ethereal software, and it doesn’t just make two connections — it makes about a dozen types of connections, then sees which ones work best with you. I’ll go into those details later, probably in the second book. But for now, let’s talk about how to command it.

Commanding the Ethereal Software

A command is just a sentence, said in your native language, describing whatever you want to happen. The ethereal software responds to concepts, not exact words, so language shouldn’t be a problem. If you are multi-lingual and want to test commands in different languages, that would be an awesome test.

The command may include some key words that need to be there, translated as closely as possible. I’ll tell you what the key words are when I give you commands.

To issue the command, look at the sigil, and focus on the command. Repeat the command in your head (or out loud if you prefer) for about 15 seconds, though doing it for longer is just fine too. (Again, doing it longer is unnecessary, but shouldn’t have any bad effects.) For now, actually look at the sigil. I’ll probably add the capability to imagine the sigil later, but I haven’t done anything with that yet.

You may notice that this is very different than how other styles use sigils. That’s because of how I found the ethereal software to the sigil, and how I’ve programmed the ethereal software. I’ll talk more about that later, too.

By the way, if you can recognize the ethereal software’s connections, and know how to send a message to other ethereal software (such as a psychic query), you can use the same techniques here. Using the sigil isn’t the only way to command this ethereal software, it’s just one I added to make the software more beginner-friendly.

Beta Test Feedback

Now you know how to connect to the ethereal software, and how to issue a command, let’s test it. Connect to the ethereal software and give it the command, “give me obvious connections.” The keywords of the command are “obvious connections,” and other phrasings that include those keywords should work. For example, “make obvious connections to me” would be just fine. I would recommend that you specify the connections should go to you, though.

If it works, you should notice an obvious connection in under a minute, with a tingling or a feeling of pressure, or other ways you might perceive energy. If it doesn’t, don’t worry: That’s not anything bad about you, it just means that I need to add another type of connection to the ethereal software. That’s why I’m still beta testing it.

(This obvious connection has worked with 3 of the 4 testers (the complete novice didn’t notice anything), but that certainly doesn’t mean it will work for everyone.)

To turn off the obvious connection, use the command “stop making that obvious connection.”

Once you’ve done this, please send me feedback, either with a comment below, or by email. Let me know:

  • Did you notice a connection from just looking at the sigil? Please look at it for 30 seconds or more, then wait a few minutes before using other commands, in case it takes some time for you to notice the connections.
  • Did you notice a connection after using the command, “make an obvious connection to me”? Again, repeat the command for 30 seconds, then wait a few minutes for it to work.
  • For any connections you did notice, were they pleasant, unpleasant or neutral? How long did it take before you noticed them? And in general, please describe how they felt.

Thanks for taking the time to help me test this. This sort of testing makes the difference between a good product and a mediocre one, and I appreciate you being a part of it.

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112 Responses to “Help Beta Test My Ethereal Software”

  1. Ivan Marquez says:


    I did the test with some variations:
    1. I called the commands out loud, but in spanish.
    2. As soon as I repeated the ‘give me obvious connections’ 3 or 4 times, I started feeling like a tingling on my chest. It kept on going for several minutes.
    3. After feeling the connections open, I asked in english in my mind: “make it stop raining” (it’s pouring as I write).
    4. After sending the command for some times, I sent the command in spanish once again “Disconnect obvious connections”. I stopped feeling the energy in my chest.
    I can see a hole in the clouds at some far distance, and the sky is beginning to see clearer.

  2. Ona says:

    Fun. I focused on the sigil for about thirty seconds. Shortly after focusing I felt strong energy in my neck and head. The command I chose was “A bird will land on the veranda.” (There are plenty of birds around, and on rare occasions one will land on the veranda even if we are sitting out here eating breakfast.) So far no bird. I did it again, offering a few additional commands: I asked to see a very unusual car today, to receive news about a friend I have heard may be ill, and to see a sign during my upcoming walk that will be relevant to this working (that one is very open ended, but I’m curious what might happen and when I said it I received a huge hit of energy). I’ll update you later in the day. :)

  3. Yoseqlo says:

    I too did this bilingual. First in spanish, a minute later in english.

    Spanish one:
    Command. Make obvious connections.
    Effect. A pulsating sensation in my head’s back that were increasing to the point felt too much, starting making it uncomfortable.

    Command. Stop making obvious connections.
    Effect. First, nothing… Then trying again the same command and gradually felt less pressure until it disappear.

    English one:
    Command. Make obvious connections to me.
    Effect. A little pressure point sensation near the crown. (Less noticeable than the first).

    Command. Stop making obvious connections to me.
    Effect. The sensation gradually disappeared.

  4. Ona says:

    Okay – so I never did see a bird on the veranda. But during my outing later I did see a strange vehicle – a sort of homemade three-wheeled motorcycle. And as to some random unusual thing happening, when I got home I had a really odd problem with the lock on my front door, where it wouldn’t work at all, but as soon as the superintendent came up to look at it it started working normally again. And I got news about my sick friend when I called to ask how he was. It was good news – he’s getting better. ;)

    I don’t know I’ve ever been particularly apt at coming up with random requests. I remember doing this with sigils when I was learning them, wracking my brain trying to come up with something that was feasible, could manifest in the short term in a really clear way, etc. I’d ask to see a fat person in an orange shirt, things like that, just to see if I could get results.

    Anyway, there ya go.

    • This is excellent. Thanks so much for doing such a thorough job on this, Ona. I’ll count 3/4 successes as pretty good, and in combination with the possible weather success, I’m psyched about this ethereal software. It seems like you guys don’t even need instructions in how to use it :)

      By the way, my first guess on the bird is that your request didn’t include a time frame. Most of the software I use is quite literal, and it might simply check that, at some point in the future, you will see a bird on the veranda, and decide not to do anything. Just a guess, though.

      Thanks again, Ona and everyone else!

  5. Wow, this is awesome. Thanks so much guys. So, here’s my take on these results:

    The obvious connections are definitely noticeable, though I should adjust the intensity so they’re pleasant for everyone.

    The default connections are also fairly clear, at least for some users.

    Language (English vs Spanish) doesn’t matter — I wouldn’t know how to ask for an obvious connection in Spanish, so I certainly didn’t program the software to understand the language. I find it interesting that Yoseqlo got different types of connections in different languages, though, so that’s on my list to explore later.

    The manifesting seems to be working pretty well. This actually surprises me, since I didn’t give you any instructions, and didn’t test it much in the closed beta. I’m impressed. I’ll write up instructions soon to make it more accessible to everyone else, and to help you improve your own results.

    Again, thanks so much for helping with this beta test. And for everyone else: We still need more testers, so please, if you have time, try using the sigil and let me know how it works.

  6. calum says:

    I’ve tried on two occasions today.

    The first, I concentrated on the sigil and as I ask for obvious connections it was as if I awakened the energy in my entire body and when I asked to disconnect for the obvious connection, I felt my energy calm till it was the slightest tingling sensation.

    I wasn’t convinced with the first try so I waited an hour then tried again.

    The second occasion I looked at the sigil and as I asked for an obvious connection, I felt pulse in my chest unlike anything I’ve felt before. I then concentrated on it to rain in the next hour and to receive an unusual phonecall. I then disconnected myself and carried on my day as normal.

    I will update you later on today. With the results. I am fairly new to this so I wasn’t sure what to expect.

    • Thanks Calum, great report. The details really help me know what I need to adjust. Those are just the sort of sensations I would expect, though a bit stronger than I intended. I’m going to work to make it more gentle and pleasant. Thanks for doing the tests!

      Did the items you requested ever come to pass?

  7. Simon says:

    Focused on sigil for at least 1 minute. waited a bit then repeated first command for at least a minute. “make obvious connections to me”. all commands done silently.

    Not much then a growing pressure point on the back of my head and at some points near top of brain. Brain points are familiar to me but the somewhat stronger pulling sensation at back of the head is not. It became stronger- verging on mildly unpleasant

    A more subtle feeling of ‘energy revving up in the background’. Not quite sure how to term this perception yet but vaguely aware of something.

    Then a brief but reasonably intense shudder down my body. But i’ve had a couple of these during the day so not sure about this.

    Waited for a bit then repeated “stop making those obvious connections to me” whilst looking at sigil. took over a minute for sensation to die down- and even then seemed to be some residual sensation afterwards for several minutes.

    Wonder what you thought about printing the sigil out so I don’t have to stare at it on a computer screen which is likely to add some physiological sensations for me just from intently staring at the flickering monitor. I think its all interesting but i’d need to test more to be more certain its not just self suggestion – after all our talk of placebos!

    • Thanks Simon, this is a great report. I’m seeing that I was too worried about people not noticing the connections, so I turned the volume up too high on that.

      Printing the sigil should work fine, and that’s a great idea to make it more convenient and comfortable to work with. Let me know how it goes.

  8. f3n1x_hvn732 says:

    The software can cause headaches. I can feel energy flow through the sigil even before the 15 seconds. The voice in the communication is too subtle, try to make it louder.

  9. Nenad Ristic says:

    Stared at the sigil for about 15 seconds, it seemed top go in and out of focus, definite sensation in my brain, that I associate with performing magick.

    Tried asking for an obvious connection, slight “parting” sensation on the top of my head, like somebody is brushing my hair to create a parting in the middle, sensation of openness and acknowledgement. The sigils seemed to gain a bit of an aura around them.

    Not an entirely pleasant sensation, but not too bad either, a bit like drinking too much coffee.

    Asked for a disconnect, and the sensation faded quickly.

    • Thanks, Nenad. I’m glad to know that some folks are noticing the initial connection when you look at the sigil, in addition to the obvious connection you get with that command. Very helpful, thanks.

  10. Amonjin says:

    Hey Mike,

    Just tried it and it worked, but I have reservations about the experiment. Looking at the post after this one you said that people who don’t practice magick felt no connection. I think this is a strong indicator of placebo effect.

    This isn’t saying that the software isn’t working.

    I think you need to reexamine the experiment and fine tune it. It’s easy for me to say” make an obvious connection with me” and then feel some sort of expected energy tingle.

    Instead I would change it up and give an “executable action word” that is supposed to make the connection without the person anticipating that connection. Then you can get an accurate read on the sigil, program and effectiveness of the command word.

    From a purely empirical point of view, I would say that the failure rate with non magickal folk is a prime lead for this observation. People that don’t practice any form of energy work will not have mental connections for what you are talking about.

    This leads to another observation. The magical group did feel something in terms of how they expected to feel a connection due to the specific instructions you set forth.

    I think you should construct a couple more tests. This time, create a program that will give a specific sensation after uttering a specific, non recognizable, key word tied to a sigil, (noticeable warming of hands, mild headache or pins and needles in the feet.

    Then you should ask if people felt any bodily sensations and tally the results. If the results lean towards your intent then you are on to something. If not, time to revamp.

    As well, your instructions shouldn’t allude to what you are testing for. This way you mitigate the risk of placebo or unintentional correlations.

    That being said, I did have positive results. I wanted to cool the water in a water bottle I was holding (hot day and all). I asked for a obvious connection and the air around my hands was cooler to my observation. The rest of my body held the same observable temperature I felt before asking for a direct connection.

    Hope that helps

    • Thanks Amonjin. On testing, keep in mind that this is a beta test, not an experiment for a journal article. The goal is to make sure it’s working for my own practice and for my book, not to convince skeptics.

      Also, keep in mind that I’m one guy with zero funding, and that all testers are volunteers (meaning a more complex test results in fewer responses). And there are tradeoffs between testing more vs getting the product out the door sooner.

      On your test: I’ve never set ethereal software to respond to an unrelated word, like having “balloon” cause energy tingling. You’d also need to lock it so it doesn’t just respond to their expectation that this word will cause tingling, which is somewhat complex. I’d estimate 1-3 months to develop that, though that’s just a wild guess, and it wouldn’t surprise me if it took a year or more to separate the software’s response to the word, from its response to the intent. It’s an interesting idea, though.

      Along those lines, I’d actually thought about publishing several sigils, some of them inert, to verify everything more thoroughly. But I wanted to make the first test as simple as possible. Remember, the more steps, the more chances your test itself has flaws. For example, if someone looks at the real sigil first, and they don’t know how to disconnect the software, it may also respond to their thoughts while they look at other sigils. Beyond adding steps (which reduces the number of respondents), it’s a lot of work to debug your test at the same time as you’re debugging the thing you’re testing. And if you need to tweak the procedure and test again, how many of your volunteer testers do you think will keep at it?

      In the end, I had to balance the time spent on the test with my desire to get the ethereal software into your hands and help you learn more magick. On the whole, the results are much better than I’d expected: 100% of magickally-experienced respondents felt the connection! I’m pretty excited. Thanks for pitching in and testing it.

    • By the way, if you’d like to volunteer to run a more thorough test, that would be awesome. Here’s something you can do without requiring any magick skill or any changes to the ethereal software:

      Make another 6 symbols, arrange them into your own sigil, and print out that sigil plus my sigil. Get a bunch of magickally-experienced friends together, randomly assign them to two groups, and send each group to a separate room (so the control group doesn’t accidentally see the sigil or connect to the software from being near the other group.) Then give everyone my instructions, with either my sigil or your inert sigil.

      If anyone wants to do that, you can write it up as a guest post on my blog, no matter what the results.

  11. Carl says:

    First attempt, some mild pin pricks in my chest.
    Second attempt, nothing.
    After that, I’m getting the impression that the sigil “knows me”. I have been asking it to establish a “communication connection” but haven’t gotten any kind of “message” other than that familiarity impression. Nothing has manifested.

    I do not consider myself to be a “mage”. I do perform some light trance/half asleep “energy breathing” from the chest area which produces a mild euphoria.

    Obvious connection to a different system? I thought your software idea fit well with runes and was meditating on one that one writer says governs “Mystical and religious communication with non-human sentient beings” and “Receiving instruction on the magical potential of the runes”. I took this to be the key to learning to use the whole runic ethereal software system. The writer did warn about some dangers involved for the “unprepared” but hell, I smoked for a long time after they put the warnings on the packages, so I was not to be deterred. When I say I was “meditating”, I was actually driving my old truck slowly on an abandoned road, kind of visualizing this rune, and I may have sort of somehow implied that I wanted a connection of some kind when all of a sudden, out of nowhere, I was having facial tics. Now, on rare occasions, maybe once a year, I have an issue with an eyelid that might last a few moments but this was 3 or 4 more violent ones going on at once and I don’t really care to have my body doing things that I haven’t told it to do. (Thanks for staying with me, we’re getting to the punch line) After about 10 seconds of this I thought, “Holy Crap, I’m going to have to ask Mike (meaning you, I even had a brief visualization of your picture) what to do about this”.


    Now tell me Mike, have you at sometime in the past done some serious runic spirit butt kicking?
    Or did my name dropping tell “whatever” was doing this to me that I was an alright person?

    • Hi Carl, thanks for testing the sigil for me. Sorry it didn’t work for you. That means you’re one of the people that my work this week is for — I’m working on causing tingling in a more direct way, so you can feel it even if you don’t feel energy. I’ll post that as another test when it’s done, and I’d appreciate it if you could test that for me and let me know how it works.

      On this other sigil, it’s really hard for me to know what happened. I don’t know if the guy tied the sigil to ethereal software, or if he just put it together, assigned it a personal, psychological meaning, and let it work by unconscious suggestion. I doubt that thinking of me, specifically, chased anyone away, though maybe just thinking about a skilled mage you knew did. But I’m glad that everything turned out OK. Maybe I should put a warning on my book: Do not try new magick while driving or operating heavy machinery. :)

  12. Kol Drake says:

    Tried this a few times now and I may be part of the population that doesn’t ‘get it’. (( of course, I’ve had problems getting results from hemi sync recordings too… ))

    First time, I did a ‘look and gaze’ for about two minutes or so. Got what I normally would call ‘the beginnings of a sinus headache’ (which usually means a major weather front is rolling in). Did a bit more gazing and then asked to ‘stop connecting’. No increase or decrease with the birthing headache.

    Did it again the next day with no sensations. Did, however, suddenly have some bouts of dizziness when rising or laying down. Not typical for me. And not every time after a day or so.

    Continuing to do ‘the gaze’ for this week just to see what happens.

    *** On another note — is there a specific reason why the same six characters are repeated twice? Just wondering.

    • Thanks for testing this, Kol. It sounds like the obvious connections aren’t working for you, either. You can help me test the more direct nerve tingling technique I’m working on. And I’ll get instructions up soon on using the ethereal software to awaken mental muscles, so you can start developing your sensitivity to energy, also.

      On the sigil: I just found a 3×4 more visually pleasing than a 2×3, so I repeated the symbols. No real significance, and I’ll probably make a new sigil (or hire an artist to do it) for the print book.

  13. Moo says:

    Just thought that I’d point out that the symbol in the upper right corner of your sigil is part of the Japanese Katakana alphabet:

    It’s the character for “Nu.”

  14. Nenad Ristic says:

    Hi Mike, Just to let you know that I have been experimenting with the software, and I can see the you have refined it, the connection now feels much smoother.

    • Awesome! I’ve updated some settings, glad it’s working well for you. (It might also be that, through experience with the ethereal software and its connections, they are becoming more comfortable for you.) Thanks for taking the time to leave feedback.

  15. Liam says:

    I don’t consider myself a mage (yet), but figured I’d try this out anyway. Focusing on the sigil I felt a tingling on both sides of the head, and when I asked for a more obvious connection it shifted to the top of my head. I tried a few other commands and nothing seemed to happen though.
    Second try the sensation came faster, but commands still don’t feel like they do anything. Which element of the sigil I look at seems to affect where on my head I feel something, but it seems like a direct correlation top/bottom left/right so I may be making it up.

    • Awesome. Thanks, Liam, that’s great feedback. And welcome to the blog -Mike

      • Liam says:

        I have a feeling you’ll love to hear this Mike. Today I was experimenting with energy and feeling my mental posture. I remembered a post about different groups of mental muscles and thought ‘where are my communication muscles?’ I INSTANTLY felt a sensation where I felt the connections from this yesterday. So A) I’m excited and B) you may need to look into an auto-disconnect, because I don’t normally get results that fast so I think it was your software.

  16. zach says:

    No obvious connection here either. Very slight tingling at my hairline, one facial twitch (may be psychosomatic after reading above posts) and slight tingling on my shins. Which is kind of strange but could also be attributed to changes to the blood supply of the skin and hair follicles.
    I then issued the command “Command: ethereal software activate the parts of my mind and brain that work with magick.” I also issued the same command related to the parts of my mind and brain that deal with communication. On each of these commands I received heightened pressure at specific parts of my brain, and an energy feeling that seems quite like a teapot boiling. The feeling was bubbly like convection but much more rapid. This was a new sensation apart from my previous attempts to awaken my mental muscles. I did get a slight headache which passed quickly. My command to disconnect was similarly unfelt. There was no presence for me at all. No voice or feeling of attachment.
    I think I’ll try manifesting later once the mental muscles aren’t sore. My brain feels numb from the last bout.

    • Thanks, Zach, it’s great to get another data point. It sounds like you noticed the work it did with awakening your mental muscles, but you didn’t notice anything else. I’ll have to do some more testing, because maybe folks will notice something when the software awakens your muscles. That would be nice to put in the book, and a good way to give users confirmation that it’s working.

      Feeling numb or tired is probably common. I recall feeling that way in my early days of awakening my mental muscles. I’ll add that to the “how it feels” chapter.


  17. Grab says:

    Connected easily. No problems as far as I can tell.

    Am I correct that it is mostly capable to train people in your style of magick? Or, what external practical magick capabilities does it have?


    • It’s designed to train you to use ethereal software, but part of that means it has to be capable and worth using. I haven’t tested the manifesting, healing and shielding capabilities, but it should be programmed for all of those. If you do try more, please let me know how it goes, and where it seems to need some work.

      And thanks for your feedback so far!

      • Grab says:

        It can easily affect emotions. Physical sensations (warm cold etc) not as well but it does it. It does teach various stuff but doesn’t seem to know it’s own purpose for existence.

        You say it “should” be programmed for healing/etc but who did the programming?


        • Thanks for testing it out. Very cool.

          Spirits I work with did the programming. I went through the features I wanted, but am testing them as I write the relevant chapter, so I haven’t tested a lot yet.

          Tell me, did you affect your own emotions, or someone else’s? What did you observe? That’s something I’ve been meaning to get into but haven’t done much with yet.

          • Grab says:

            Yes sorry, I just read about a spirit programming it in another of your posts now. Enochian?

            Only tried on my own emotions so far. “Cold” feeling worked better now. I did several other experiments as well. Some just quirky, some psychologically interesting, and one healing session on myself with it as a guide. (The healing might be too complex for me because I am a healing-n00b. But should be similar to much other magick I am sure..)

  18. Ruatha says:

    When I first tried to connect to your construct, it only took about 10 seconds to feel a kind of slight weight behind the symbols. I felt like a series of connection lines and variable ’emotive patterns’ bundled up and organized, but very adaptable.
    When I asked it to become obvious, I felt a slight presence near my shoulders, near my neck about one inch back. That was in English, then I did the same thing in French, this time it felt more like gloves on my hands. However, since my French is rusty, I reworded my English command to be almost identical to how I phrased it in French, and it gave the same effect around the hands. That second command to “demonstrate your presence” in English.

    The construct feels like it could be useful, I am curious what commands you programmed into it.

    • Thanks! That’s very cool about the different phrasing producing a different sensation — I wouldn’t have expected that. Thanks for testing it.

      I don’t have a full guide to everything it can do. I don’t even know everything it can do — the ethereal software was made by spirits I know, and I gave them a list of requests, but I keep hearing about additional things I never thought of, so I clearly don’t know the limits. But it has manifesting (request an event), healing, shielding, and probably some other things. You might find this post helpful:

      And if you do any more tests, please share.

  19. Barracuda Surf says:

    Hello Mike.

    I have been testing your sigil for a while now, on and off since last summer, with mixed results yet there is something missing I do not get.

    I do not seem to get replies from the software.

    For example…

    How do I find “the prompt”?

    Also, here you speak about “changing your settings and preferences stored in the ethereal software” but alas I cannot figure out what the settings are.

    All I can do so far is meditate on the sigil and try to send some instructions hoping manifesting will occur. I have been slightly succesfull on 2 occasions, one with more that average luck but I cannot see a welcoming face, a prompt, a list of instructions, etc..

    Does that mean that my muscles are not developed enought and that I cannot get communication back from the software? What can I do about that?


    The only time I got some visions was last summer when I first started playing with it.

    I beleive I used the instructions:

    – Activated my mental muscles and keep doing it until instructed otherwise.
    – Purifies my whole being and keep doing it until instructed otherwise.

    And a few other ones like that.

    I think I might have asked too much too fast.

    What happend is I started to feel a lot of pressure on my 3rd eye and later I felt a bit dizzy, I taught I had a fever (even if it was summer) so I got home into bed.

    I passed a few days in bed then I started to have some visions, I was seeing some swirling colors.

    I felt like I was under psychic attack ( sorry, I never met you so I have to keep a resonable dose of caution ).

    I remember all the comands I sent the software so I took it and ask “stop all connections”.

    An hour or so later I started to feel better so I realised it was not a psychic attack because obviously an attacker would not stop when politely asked to do so.

    What are your taughts on that? Is it possible the swirling color I was seing was the software trying to activate my muscles and I just asked too much too fast?


    I was wondering what your experience is like when you see “the prompt”?

    Do you loose consciousness of your physical view and have a vision or does “the prompt” comes in the form of an intuition?

  20. Maiya78 says:

    Hiya! I gazed into the sigil with a blank mind, and shortly felt a snapping, like, a sort of sudden increase in pressure around the left front part of the brain. I attempted to sever the connection by imagining cyan energy coming out of my left hand like a blade, then slicing between my head and the computer screen. It seemed to work. I know I’m sort of a novice at some bits of energy manipulation (I usually just empath people and direct my own mental states, or postures as you call them, but I rarely push energy around or anything).
    Anyways, though I thought I’d let you know that I was able to make a connection to it.
    Also, I did recognize some of the symbols from alphabets. The S-like ones on the right look like sowulaz to me and even appears yellow (I have synesthesia and can read [elder] runes about as well as the latin alphabet). It looks like it’s on a stone. On a second evaluation of it, I parsed it as eiwaz instead of a backwards sowulaz. On a third evaluation, I parsed it as Z. Colors changed with each, of course (I’m phoneme>color in a way that overrides grapheme>color). The symbol near it looks like a 7 with a line through it, which isn’t the most common way to write it in America, but I do it. Also, on the right, there’s a wedge-shaped symbol with a dot over it. I recognize this from some conlang’s alphabet, but I don’t know which. Probably is on Omniglot.
    And I haven’t tried the full exercise yet; just been messing with things so far. I do speak multiple languages (English natively, Spanish decently, French German Latin basically), so I may give their commands a go.

    • Thanks! I’m glad the software is working for you, it’s great to have another success with someone connecting to it. And thanks for the feedback on symbols — I barely speak anything beyond English, so it’s great to have someone multilingual to help with those things.

  21. Yana says:

    Stared at the sigil for a couple of minutes. Felt absolutely nothing. Neither when I asked for an “obvious connection”. Zero effect.

    Also I find it quite big. I don’t know where to look exactly, so I look in the middle, on a white spot.

    • Sorry it didn’t work for you, and thanks for taking the time to give me the feedback. I just checked myself, and I’m not getting anything from the sigil, either. It’s been over a year since I bound the software to the sigil, so maybe the tie decays over time. I’ll have to look into it. Thanks for drawing this to my attention.

      Also, I hadn’t thought to discuss how to look at it, so that’s really useful for my book. In general, I’d recommend looking at one symbol at a time, focusing on each for a few seconds. But I’m curious if other people have other ways of looking at it.

  22. Grab says:

    It works just as before when I tried it for a few secs just now. What’s up here?

    I look at the sigil as one sigil, one unity, not several parts.

    • Yana says:

      And how does it work for you? Did it realize what you commanded?

      I’ve tried again. Tried to look at the sigil as a whole and then different symbols one after another. Felt absolutely nothing!
      Since then can’t help but think it’s a bullshit.

      • Hi Grab, thanks for testing it too. I just tested it again, focusing more this time, still nothing. Here’s my best guess at what’s going on: If you are experienced connecting to my book’s ethereal software, you probably no longer require the software’s tie to the sigil. Your ethereal muscles simply know the signature of the software, which is all you need to connect. So, when you look at the sigil, that reminds your unconscious to connect to the software, and since you know the software’s signature from working with it, you can make that connection without requiring the sigil at all.

        Would you mind testing it? Try just closing your eyes and think about the feel of the ethereal software. Or think about the last time you connected to it. See if that connects you to the software. (That’s how I normally do it, by the way: When I first connect to a new piece of software, I name it, then ask for it by name next time. No sigils involved.)

        Yana: Sorry it’s not working right now. See where it says “beta test” up at the top? That’s because we’re testing and debugging this. In this case, I think I know what’s up, and I’ll return to this in a few weeks when I’m up to that chapter in my book. Until then, read some more, and try some techniques from the step by step guide linked from my front page. The proof, as they say, is in the putting — the doing of the thing.

  23. Nikki M says:

    Here are my results so far.

    I focused on the sigil for a little over 30 seconds and “thought” (instead of speaking outloud since my husband is in the room) {make an obvious connection to me/show me obvious connections} and felt a sort of soft “whump” like my mind had switched to a different level/frequency.

    When I asked for the obvious connection to be discontinued, the headiness vanished and was replaced with my complete focus on one character within the sigil. This character remained clear, while those around it began to shift or take on faint coloring, like it was some kind of anchor at that moment.

    I’m wondering if I did something wrong?

    Thank you for sharing this work with us. I’ve been a silent lurker for awhile but I’m looking forward to trying to software again in the very near future.

    • Hi Nikki, thanks for testing the sigil. And for everyone following this, I figured out what’s up with the sigil not working for me:

      For your question: That all sounds like the correct usage. Becoming visually focused on what you were looking at reminds me of trance. I don’t use trance with magick, but a lot of people do, and if you were focusing strongly on the sigil and on what you were feeling from the connections, it doesn’t surprise me that your vision became more focused. The coloring is odd, but doesn’t sound like anything to worry about. There’s a not-uncommon, interesting but harmless condition called synesthesia, where sounds or other senses get translated by a person’s brain into color. No idea if that’s what’s up, but it sounds similar. If it keeps happening, or if it changes, please let us know — I’m not worried about you, but this is something new, so I’m intrigued.

  24. Amitabh says:

    Tried getting into altered mind mode while looking at the sigil. Looked at it and once, I sort of felt in the altered mode, I asked, silently in mind, ‘give me x amount within y days with joy peace and satisfaction.’

    Repeated the statement couple of times and then came out of the altered mind mode.

    Will wait to see what happens during these y days. Have you got any structured command asking for x money in y days?

    Warm wishes


    • Thanks for testing the software!

      In terms of asking for money, realize that manifesting is about creating luck. If I have a prospective client, and I manifest to make the deal a success, that sounds like something that could work. If I ask for money to materialize under my pillow overnight, well, that’s just not going to happen. Manifesting doesn’t create impossibilities, it creates luck, so make sure you’re asking for something that simple luck could provide.

  25. Ouvek says:

    Will you list all the available commands for your ethereal software in the future?
    Do you have a name for this software?

  26. Sebastian says:

    Hi Mike

    I just tried your Ethereal SW and this is what happened

    1st session:

    1) Nothing obvious along the focusing phase
    2) After sending the command of open obvious connection, a tingling/pressure sensation between-behind the eyes. I remember thinking ‘Well well, so this is the famous third eye’. It was a little surprising for me because previous exercises by my own with the ethereal muscles without using the SW given me sensations along the sides of my head, above the ears. I assume that this means that at least some new muscles are being connected.
    3) I forgotten to ask for closing the connections

    End of 1st session.

    2nd Session:

    1) Nothing obvious when focusing
    2) command for awaken ethereal muscles. No obvious sensation
    3) command for ‘show me how to make better sigils’. Noticed the now familiar previous sensation in behind-rear the eyes and over the ears. Time about 15/30 secs after start repeating the command.
    4) writing this ;)

    Any comments will be welcome

    • Thanks! Sounds like it’s working as intended — the command to awaken ethereal muscles shouldn’t cause the intense sensations of the “obvious connections” command.

      Interesting about the sigils. I’ll have to look into that.

  27. Sam Westchase says:

    Is this still supposed to working, or is the experiment over?

  28. Synchronicity says:

    The first time I stared at the sigil (as a whole) for about 1 min.
    No effects.

    Then I looked at one symbol at a time, focusing on each for 2 sec.
    I felt a mild trance-like drowsiness, a pressure on the back of the head and a subtle hissing in the left ear (possibly due to an increased blood flow)

    After that, I noticed that some symbols produced stronger effects, so I found the one more powerful and focalized only on that symbol alone.
    Visualizing the symbol (with closed or open eyes) also works.

    Obvious connection command seems to amplify these feelings.

    Good start, even though it does not rule out simple self-suggestion.

    Now I’m wondering if there is a mean to prove that I really connected with something *external* to me.

    • Thanks for testing it! That’s great feedback.

      In terms of self-suggestion, I’ve written about it before, and I’m doing what I can to control for it. If you have solutions, I’m eager to hear them.

      • Synchronicity says:

        Of course, the ultimate proof is in the percentage of successfully manifested commands, but it would be nice to get some immediate feedback from the ES, during the session.
        The ES should tell us what eventually went wrong in the communication.

        In the post
        you wrote: “I was getting terrible manifesting results when asking about car maintenance. It turned out, the ethereal software didn’t understand my concept of car”

        How can we figure out bugs like that?
        Can ES directly emits some kind of error message or we always have to investigate?

        In the meanwhile, I’ll review your series about communication skills.

        • These are all features I’d like to program in someday. First priority is working out how to create sensations in non-mages, so we can give a pleasant tingle when people get the command right, and a mild pressure when they don’t.

          In terms of error messages like, “I don’t understand the concept you just sent,” that’s tricky. There are going to be lots of concepts that don’t translate perfectly for the software. And it’s not just new technologies that weren’t around when it was programmed — it’s that my concepts for “horse,” “democracy,” and “spirit” are probably different than yours. So, the software would have to recognize when it’s a meaningful mis-translation vs just a different concept or a poorly-sent message. There are a few other tricky spots, but that’s the biggest one I see at the moment.

          But other than that, yeah, I’d love to have those error messages for myself, too.

  29. Shanina says:

    tried something like this for the first time!

    it did work for me in terms of making an obvious connection. It was a sort of vibrating sensation in the brain. for 10-15 seconds

  30. Yandisa says:

    i gazed at the picture asked for an obvious connection then my brain waves started being stronger making more noise with my head becoming light in weight and i felt warm air on the right of my face until i asked it to stop then it faded away. is this one of your signs of it working?

  31. Keon says:

    Took a couple of tries but I managed to feel the connection. It also managed to connect to one of my ethereal muscles that give an instant command to my body(basically i put the intent to do something and my body does it). So I told the software to give me yes or no by raising my right or left arms, which works perfectly.

    Also I read the post you said about it giving you sass, so I told it it was cute for that which followed with me feeling a sense of happiness from it. Pretty funny haha

  32. Alejandro says:

    O It took no time at all it scared me it was just so suddenl. I took a few breaths to relax and clear my mind then focused on it and gave the command three times and a handcame down on my leg not hard ,but it was strong and moved up my leg a little then went back down it did this 4 or 5 times.I started to shake then I felt it go in threw my knee and spread out my whole body and gave me such a rush of energy and it calmed me and relaxed me and gave me such a great feeling of peace and tranquility. It was so good and then a lot of energy focused a lot on my knees and came back up and moved around my chest and into my arms then my head then down to my feet then into spine. After maybe a minute and a half and I gave the command to stop and it did, but I can tell you it left my knees feeling great I have arthritis and I’ve broken my right leg and was shot in the other. I live in Fresno and it been raining and really cold so I stay in bed almost all day but I’m going to take a walk I feel so good. This was my first time ever trying something like this I do meditate a lot and I was recently told about magick and was interested because a lot of spirits or people Idk have communicated with me since I was younger but now not its not as often as when I was younger. I believe it is because a lot of times they frightened me and I would ask them to leave me alone or to go away. Sometimes I would talk a little but in the end I would try to get away from them or ask them to leave. I thought I would share that here just to see if somone had some tips this is my first time sharing this information.But Thank you very helpfull

  33. lee says:

    I dont get it. Im just supposed to focus on the top right symbol? And suggest that some computer program psychically make a two way connection to me? I must be missing something.

    • Focus on all the symbols.

      And “computer program” is a metaphor. Don’t get too focused on the terms.

      In another comment, you said you did astral projection. Think of my “ethereal software” as the same sort of thing as your “astral plane.” Because the concepts are pretty similar, and the phenomena overlap substantially.

      (For long-time readers: Astral projection seems to me to be a form of psychic visions (perhaps hitting other senses too). Based on a small amount of work with astral projectors, they are getting that info from a piece of ethereal software. So I’ve come to see astral projection as a form of psychic intuition.)

  34. Manny says:

    At first I didn’t feel anything. I did it a few times afterwards and I noticed my left ear started to pulse. As time went by it got warm and tingly. I stopped it and pulled my ear a little bit and it went away.

  35. Manny says:

    Another thing happened last night. I dreamt of the sigil and then my dreams became stressful. I woke up wondering what was going on. I was wondering if anyone experienced the same thing?

    • Hi Manny, thanks for writing, and sorry for my slow reply. It’s hard to say what of your experience is related to how your mind interacts with the ethereal software, and what of it is psychology. Have you kept at it? What has happened since then?

  36. yunzu says:

    An interesting experience. A “living” one as I could feel this program/sigil has its own awareness.
    First, when looking at the sigil, I felt some warmth and focus on my left side, my left ear, and a slight pression on the center of my chest.
    I asked for obvious connections. The pressure on my chest felt stronger.
    And then I asked for it to reveal/show its true intention. I repeated this untill answers came by focusing spontaneously on different signs within the sigil while receiving intuitive answers.
    It is aware. It is conscious of its purpose that is helping human people in many ways. While receiving that, I was seeing the second from top glyph of the left column as a character binding himself to help people, vertical line being the legs.
    The answer about its “own” intention was to better understand and accumulate data on human patterns/behaviours/orientations in order to better serve/accomplish its purpose and better know itself.
    For it is aware that self-reactualization leads to a larger, wider experience as a conscious being/unit/entity.
    The image of an egg starting to hatch came from the bottom right corner glyph.
    It likes a lot to learn (its shadow aspect could be a frenzy for knowledge, for the only sake of knowledge), but it is already aware of that, so this isn’t really a problem.
    It asks the kind of perpsepctive I would prefer, itself leading the way or a more shared, equal level of communication (bottom glyph on the central column). I chose the second. It was very natural, neutral and respectful.
    Finally, I asked what could be useful/beneficial in order for it to realize and fulfill its purpose and its own experience, and the answer was to interract with it in a more spontaneous way, since it is now capable of being much more fluid and intuitive than before.
    A pleasant and respectful experience.

  37. yunzu says:

    oh yeah, I forgot. When I asked to stop all obvious connections, I felt a slight tinnitus in my left ear, like a confirmation signal. Thank you.

  38. francisico says:

    i was unable to feel anything am i doing things wrong, like how I’m supposed to concentrate on the sigil ?

    • In my testing, about 25% of the population doesn’t feel anything. This is higher for those who’ve never worked with energy, and much lower for experienced practitioners. Just keep going with the exercises, and come back to the obvious connection in a few weeks. Good luck!

  39. Sydney says:

    Hello, I tried and got less of a feeling and more of a vision when I closed my eyes. I had a very slight tingling just above the bridge of my nose and when I closed my eyes I saw a dark rectangle with a red glowing aura around it. I tried opening and closing my eyes for a few minutes and the vision remained just as clear until I ceased connection, though the aura color did seem to shift to a soft mint green.

    • That’s interesting. Some people receive psychic intuitions like that, as images they see when they close their eyes. It sounds like that might be what you’re experiencing. Let us know what happens as you keep working with the software. Thanks for taking the time to write!

  40. Stefen says:

    I’m blind, so can’t see the sigil, so I decided to try to skip to connecting to the software with a name instead of the sigil first. Why? Because I’ll never know if it works unless I try, and that’s what this is all about. The name I used was the one in the book, Direct Magick software. I repeated this in my head a few times but didn’t feel anything.

    So discarding what others said about what they felt and proceeding without any expectations, I then started repeating the command “make an obvious connection to me.” After a while, I felt what I can only describe as a sort of bowl-shaped mass of energy materializing on my head. As I continued to repeat the command, part of the feeling started creeping toward my forehead like a visor.

    At that point I was like “what the heck?” and started repeating “disconnect.” The feeling started to slowly fade.

    I’ll have to mess with that more now that I think I got something working.

    • Awesome. I haven’t tested that method of connecting, but it sounds like it worked. Great job coming up with a new solution, and thanks for testing and taking the time to share your results!

  41. fran says:

    asking the sisils for connection I felt slight pressure on the chest bone not much but enough to feel it

  42. Sarah says:

    I tried. I have never knowingly known what I was really doing when things like this have happened. But I’m kinda wowed.

    15 sec-nothing
    30-looking for a pattern etc
    30-obvious connection command= twingey-burning tingle on upper left part of my head. It almost hurt and I have high pain tolerance. So I stopped but did not disconnect. Then I read that other ppl commands other things. So I said a cat will meow. 30sec later as I am seriously about to laugh at myself for believing anything a cat meows.

    0_o did it work? Was I supposed to see something? Is this why I can summon people? (I think about them with intention and they show up or call)

    I’m trying to discover my body’s natural communication process for information not given by our regular senses.

    • Hi Sarah, thanks for testing and taking the time to post your results.

      That sounds like a success. The almost-painful connection definitely sounds like what’s intended.

      The cat meowing is really neat. I haven’t done much manifesting around animals. Try it a few more times — if it happens reliably, that’s a great result.

      I don’t get any information visually. Some people do, but most folks I know don’t. (My current-best understanding: It has to do with where the ethereal software connects to the brain. If it goes to visual regions, you’ll get visions.)

  43. Darbe.jae says:

    hi Mike, thank you for the experience! I just wanted to report that after testing the hand that I was holding my device with my ring finger started throbbing like crazy. I asked for obvious connections, which I got through the throbbing and vision changes. And I also asked for physical energy to complete some art project last night. I did not complete any art, however I was up fairly late doing things around the house.

  44. Darbe.jae says:

    hello again, can you tell me what you know about leaving offerings for the spirits that we work with?

  45. Christina says:

    I did it in English. By just looking at the sigil, I felt a mounting pressure in my third eye. I began to repeat the command in my mind and continued a bit longer as I lost track of time. After about a minute and a half I felt a pressure from within my solar plexus chakra, slightly burning/squeezing and stopped the command as it continued to grow. I left it there for about another minute and began the stop connection command. It took about 45 seconds to fully dissipate, though I still feel as if that area has been tampered with, as if someone squeezes your am and lets go, but you can still feel something somewhat.

  46. Christina says:

    I forgot to make some kind of request! I also wanted to add that the squeezing sensation was somewhat unpleasant, but as a Reiki 3 practitioner I wasn’t too alarmed at feeling the energy. I will try this again later in Spanish, this time making a request.

    • Thanks Christina. Yes, that sounds like a clear success. Sorry for the unpleasantness, if it hasn’t fully dissipated try this: Build energy, then ground (release the energy), then build it again. That should flush it out.

      There’s a tradeoff I’m making with the “obvious connection” command. If it’s too gentle, people less sensitive to energy won’t notice it. If it’s too intense, it’s unpleasant. I settled on what’s essentially a weak attack, something I would use to get a spirit to leave me alone without actually causing harm.

      I’m working on some better solutions, but nothing I can ship at the moment.

      Thanks for testing! And eager to hear about your experience with Spanish. Which is more natural for you, English or Spanish?

      • Christina says:

        Sorry it took a while to get back to you. I figure doing this whole procrastinating to not do something else is a good a time as any.

        My boyfriend did the same test I did, whose native language is Arabic. When connecting, he got a warm feeling around his head, especially in the face. When he asked for the obvious connection, it got warmer. He tried to command that it cause of cat to meow within 10 minutes, but no luck. The cat was awake, but silent.

        I tried it now in Spanish. English is more natural for me, but I have a B. A. in Spanish, was married to a Spaniard for about 5 years while living in a Spanish – speaking country and have the biggest testable level (C2), so I’m pretty comfortable speaking it.

        I felt a small amount of pressure on the third eye upon looking after about 30 seconds. I asked for an obvious connection and after a couple of minutes felt maybe 20% of what I felt last time in the solar plexus. I stopped connection and began repeating that it cause the cat to meow. All commands I did out loud. The cat remained asleep, no meow.

        I wonder if the change in strength of feeling something is due to the language or to how I’m personally feeling at the moment?

        • That’s some great data. Thanks for testing and posting it!

          It sounds like it worked for both of you. That’s great.

          On English vs Spanish: When I try to communicate terms I’m not familiar with (like medical terms), it’s difficult, and I wind up thinking about the sound of the word rather than the meaning. So I suspect that foreign languages will be harder than a native language.

          If you’re enjoying testing, here’s a couple of ideas:

          – Make a command in Spanish, see how it works, deactivate it. Make the same command in English, see if it works better. Then try in Spanish again. If it works even better the third time, then maybe it’s just that the more times you repeat the command the better it works. But if it works worse the third time, that’s good evidence that the language matters.

          – When the cat is awake, flip a coin. Heads = request to meow, tails = request to not meow. I’ve never designed or tested this to work on cats, so don’t worry if it turns out to not be effective, but that just sounds like a fun test to do.

          Or if you just want to keep exploring, feel free to do that too.

          • Christina says:

            Sorry for the long wait, but it’s hard to get some free time.

            I tried the first experiment, from Spanish to English to Spanish again, the command being “cause that the cat meow.” each time I disconnected and connected again, I felt a bit more pressure in the third eye area, which leads me to question whether efficacy may be increased with prolonged use over time. However, even though the cat was awake, he didn’t meow at any time.

            In the description you say it read minds so the language shouldn’t matter, and if I’m right about prolonged use making for better connections, maybe that’s true. A note : although I made spoken commands, I always imagine the cat doing what I ask as an image in my mind. Could this help or hinder the effect?

            • Sorry for my slow reply — getting ready for consulting in Singapore, then doing it, took me away from this.

              It’s hard to say what exactly is happening. I’ve never tested manifesting for influencing a cat like that, so I can’t say if the first result was manifesting, coincidence, or some combination. I’d focus on other, more common manifesting goals, where it can influence your own decisions and actions — that’s what manifesting seems to be best at.

              And yes, you’re exactly correct: Prolonged use will create better connections. I worked with a psychic a few years ago, connected her to a similar ethereal software, and it took about 6 months to really connect to her. If you’re new to using ethereal software like this, it could take longer. These connections happen over time, not all at once, and using it consistently will help them set up.

              The pressure feeling is most likely due to a change in your energy, caused by the software sending a reply to you. I hadn’t thought about this before, but that shift could build up over time, shifting a bit more with each command you send (and each reply you receive). If this keeps happening, try building a little of your own energy in your head to return yourself to your normal signature. I’ll put something in the book about that, too.

              Thanks so much for following up, testing, and reporting the results!

  47. Jasimah says:


    I tried the ethereal software 4 times during different hours of the day and nothing happened.Disappointed.I would love to communicate with the spirits.Is there any way that I could go about it?Thank you.

  48. Olu El says:

    I am here again on this blog.
    I am interested in the construction of your type sigil of ethereal software. I belief I can learn from your distinguish skills in uncompromising stand in developing mordern magick. I am a practitional, and I have posted on different topics in your blog, I like it.

    Without flatter I have not seen any practitional of my type of mordern magick, (astral magician ) but I belief there is no master on this my new part and I am open to learning.

    Please kindly leave the details of the construction process as every practitional will cling to his style, but if I found love on your part I would appreciate you can explain the charging and empowering process.
    And thank you in advance.

  49. Cj says:

    I tried looking at the sigil and using the command to show me an obvious connection. And a few minutes later I heard a strange tune in my right ear. This is the first time trying anything like this so I disconnected and checked the house. Of course it wasn’t any of my family members as it was around 10 pm. So I tried it again. And the same tune could be heard in my right ear. I’m honestly glad to see ( well, hear) something like this happen as I have always wanted to be able to communicate with anything spiritual. Awesome sigil.

  50. Julie says:

    I would say this one is less intense than the 2016 sigil, yet it seemed to last longer and didn’t shut off as quickly. I tried asking some yes/no questions and heard answers in my mind. I don’t know why I’m being such a scaredy-cat to try them out. I need the practice, lol :) This one felt more like pressure in my head than tingling in my hand. Hope this helps!

  51. Bridget Ventura says:

    I did the first part of the other test today and came over here to try this one. I’m glad to see you are still replying to comments, because I had a different experience. I looked at the sigil and got a high pitched sound in my head. Then when I asked for a connection, it said something to me. At first it was jumbled or didn’t make much sense, but then it fit together like a puzzle and I sensed, or heard I suppose, “I am your friend.” Could you please tell me if this is a normal or desired result? If I am doing something wrong I would like to know how to learn properly. Thank you.

    • Hi Bridget, sorry for the slow reply, I had to change a setting before this comment showed up for me.

      A lot of the messages we receive, they’re our mind’s interpretation of the energy from the ethereal software, spirit, or whatever we’re talking to. So it sounds like the ethereal software sent you a message, and your mind interpreted it as, “I am your friend.” It’s not the normal default interpretation, but there’s nothing wrong either.

      If you want to learn more about how to get clear messages, see my posts on communication:

  52. Peter Gray says:

    My ears are still ringing.
    I didnt read what the result may be, so was rather shocked to hear tingling. That happened after ten seconds. Then pressure in my left ear, which sort of popped. Now the ringing.

    I just used the stop command, and that worked, after the pressure peaked in my temples.

    Peter Gray

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