How to Find Good Spirits for Magick Training

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Calum, who has worked with energy most of his life and is now exploring direct magick, asks:

What is the best way for me to contact a spirit who could help me in fine tuning my abilities? I’m unsure and wary of summoning anything in case I attract the wrong kind of spirit. Being new to this, I’m aware that my defensive magick is not strong enough to cast out a strong spirit with bad intentions. Any help with this would be much appreciated!

This is a sticking point for a lot of new mages. In the past, I’ve recommended that you treat spirits like you would business partners, slowly getting to know them. I still stand by that advice, but it’s more useful for advanced mages (who can contact a variety of spirits) than someone new looking to meet his first few trainers.

Traditional styles of magick have known spirits, with associated rituals and sigils. The initiate knows how to summon the spirit, knows the ritual to banish them, and so on. It’s a really nice approach.

And when I see really nice approaches, I copy them. So, I’m going to offer access to spirits with my book’s ethereal software. There will be two forms:

For novices, you’ll get a virtual spirit: The ethereal software will act like a spirit, providing visions and messages and training. If you ask a question it doesn’t understand, it will refer that question to a real spirit, who will either respond, or expand the software so it can answer you. This will let a fairly small number of spirits handle requests from a large number of mages.

(By the way, that’s how most of the things we call “spirits” actually work: There’s an actual spirit somewhere behind the curtain, and the angel or demon or whatever is a projection of the ethereal software. If I didn’t tell you what was up, it would just look like we had a bunch of spirits training everyone.)

At some point, you will become too advanced for the ethereal software’s training program, and you’ll get one of the actual spirits. These are guys also train me, so I know that they’re friendly and skilled.

We haven’t decided on the exact trigger for moving from one type of training to the other, but the essence is: Learn all the stuff the first trainer wants to teach you, then you get upgraded.

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