Learning to Delegate (My Work June 24-30)

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This week, I got back to work. There were two main projects: The ethereal software for the book, and working with spirits to develop a technique to cause energy orgasms. I’m also generally learning to delegate research projects, which will probably have the biggest impact on my long-term success of anything I’ve done recently.

Ethereal Software for the Book

If you’ve been following the comments, you’ve probably seen readers asking for this new ethereal software. I’d put it off while improving my communication, then resting a week, but it’s finally here: I tied the software to a sigil, beta tested it with several friends, and worked with the spirit who created it to add some important features like accepting instructions from non-mages. (Fresh beginners are non-mages, in terms of how they communicate with ethereal software.)

For the most part, it seems to be working on the first try, which is both exciting and worrying. Why worrying? Because I never expect things to work without debugging, so I feel like I just haven’t yet found the thing that needs to be debugged. Maybe this actually will work the first time, though, since it’s mostly things that the spirits I know have done before. We’ll see.

But the important part is: I’m excited to be making concrete progress with this, and to be able to get back to writing the book. Look for more on both the ethereal software and the book in the coming days.

Energy Orgasms

In the early 2000s, I found that building energy in my body while making out with a girlfriend, then sending that energy into her body, caused her to experience an orgasm. Since it’s based on energy rather than physical stimulation, I’ll call this an “energy orgasm.” I did it dozens of times with several lovers, and it was a great way to demonstrate magick to them.

Then I didn’t practice the technique for a few months while focusing on grad school, and afterward, I couldn’t get it to work. It’s not that I forgot, it’s that I didn’t fully develop the technique: A technique requires doing a lot of things right, and I had simply lucked into some of those things without understanding all the steps. After a few months of working with energy in other ways, I’d changed some of those things I unknowingly got right, and the technique didn’t work anymore. By the way, this problem is fairly common of techniques I developed at that time.

So, this has been on my list for a year or more as a nice-to-have technique, but less important than a lot of other things. After all, it’s not the sort of technique I’d use to demonstrate magick publicly, only to close friends. And, since I have no shortage of projects, I didn’t get much done on this one.

Then, I found out that some spirits I work with know about energy orgasms (and are quite good at them, let me tell you), but their technique relies on magickal paths and structures that only only exist in advanced mages and spirits, so it doesn’t work for non-mages or less-experienced mages. So, I’ve started working with them to generalize their technique into something reliable and precise that works for everyone.

This week, those spirits observed what happens in my brain and body as they induce an energy orgasm, then figured out how to produce the same effect using only structures that even non-mages have. It worked well on m, but I haven’t gotten around to testing it with an actual non-mage. Maybe this coming week?

Learning to Delegate

Both of these projects fit into a larger theme: Learning to delegate research to spirits.

See, I work with a lot of spirits. They want to collaborate with me to teach other people magick, and to integrate magick with the scientific method and modern scientific findings. But until recently, I only asked them for training, while slowly developing all the techniques myself.

Well, this week, I gave a spirit my list of requirements for the book’s ethereal software, and he programmed them in. I let other spirits figure out the details of the energy orgasm technique, while I guided them to focus on the brain and acted as a test subject. And I’m also helping another spirit develop techniques to communicate thoughts with non-mages by letting him watch my mind as we communicate. In all the cases, the spirits are doing the heavy lifting, and I’m just helping them.

The end result is, we’re all getting a lot more done. I’m pretty excited about the speed of these projects, and I don’t feel so overwhelmed with my big-picture goals for magick anymore. And the spirits are happier, too, because they’re seeing more progress on this project. So, expect to see more delegation and collaborative research coming up.

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  1. Yoseqlo says:

    That’s sounds great! The cols. thing, well as long as you know the steps to program the softwares, in the case debugging is needed.

    The orgasm thing… … Well, probably you had heard of it but Wilheim Reich have a vast investigation in that matter, the Orgone thing, you know, Orgone named that for the Orgasm- energy he found.

    Sorry if you already knew, only trying to help.

    And waiting for the book, right now I’m training in power my mental muscles, but I really lacks in ‘communication’, was trying to find info in this blog but is most Psychic- Oriented, and I have zero ‘psychic- intuitions’, so waiting to read some about it soon.

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