Magick Anyone Can Feel: Why It’s Hard

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Now that I’ve recovered from my surgery, it’s time to start that research into a tingling sensation that even non-mages can feel. I’ve gone through a few research plans for it, and most were mediocre, but I want to share this process with you because, for me, planning research is one of the hardest skills to learn, and seeing some examples might help. (Also, seeing that it takes everyone a few tries to get something decent might help you keep at it. Perseverance and perspiration being the true keys to success, after all.)

First, let’s start with the problem: Energy feels different to everyone, and it doesn’t feel like anything to non-mages. I want a technique that consistently produces tingling in a chosen area (like a 1-inch square of skin), with no suggestion or placebo involved. In this context, telling the person to breathe hard or focus on their elbow is cheating — it has to be the magick causing the sensations, not some mundane method dressed up as magick.

The fact that the same energy feels different to me than it does to you tells me there’s a missing step, that there’s some step between the energy and the sensations. Also, that step is different in different people. And, most importantly, that step is probably the missing ingredient in making non-mages feel energy.

But, I’m getting a bit ahead of myself. This is the line of thought that finally got me traction on the problem, but it took about a week for me to get there. Next, I’ll share the two lines of thought that didn’t work, so you can see what that part of research is like.

Note: While in Australia, I won’t have as much time for writing. I’m still going to post daily, but it’ll mostly be shorter posts like this one, spreading a discussion over several days.

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