Psychic, Healing and Enlightenment (My Work July 22-28)

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This week I debugged my psychic intuitions, prevented a cold, and trained in a new technique for enlightenment.

Really, this week was mostly lost to jetlag and consulting. I only solved problems as they came up, and lucked my way into the new technique. I was actually feeling thoroughly unproductive and a bit guilty, but writing this post showed me that, even on a slow week, I get a lot done. Huzzah for blogging.

By the way, I skipped this series last week because I mostly worked on magick non-mages can feel, which I already posted about extensively.

Debugging Psychic Intuitions

This week, my psychic intuitions became unreliable, sometimes giving advice that just didn’t pan out. I went back to the ethereal software, consciously stepped through communicating with it, and asked a few questions about what to get for lunch*. I watched the message go to the ethereal software, watched its message come back, and verified that everything worked fine.

*Yes, I manifest about incredibly trivial things. That’s way, I do a dozen manifestings a day, which is how you make a skill fast and easy.

As usual, the message had a different energy signature than my normal thoughts, which I perceive as the thoughts in my head having a different voice. Which made me realize: The intuitions I was getting this week were in my normal voice, meaning they were from my mind. Yes, dear reader, I had gotten sloppy and let my mind generate its own ordinary, non-psychic intuitions.

The fix was simple enough. First, I practiced a few times consciously asking questions and receiving intuitions. Then, I asked the ethereal software to reset its connections to me. It sank those connections much deeper into my mind, and everything has been back to normal since then.

Why did the connections need a reset? I don’t know. Maybe it’s a slow process, where some details of my mind changed over the past few months, and I just need to periodically reset. Maybe it was something recent, like the anesthesia or the fatigue from the trip. I’ll need more data, which means waiting until this happens again. But I’m not worried, since I know the fix now, and it only takes a few minutes once I realize something’s wrong.

Energy Healing for a Cold

Early this week, I felt a cold coming on and did an old healing technique for colds. (I was able to spot the foreign signature that indicates there is a cold in the works.) In the end, I remained healthy, so I guess it’s a success.

Tell me if you’ve seen this old joke: One guy is selling elephant repellent in Manhattan. The other guy asks, “How do I know it works?” The first guy says, “You don’t see any elephants around here, do you?”

That’s a bit how I feel about results like this. It’s hard to know if I didn’t get sick because of the energy, or if I simply didn’t get sick. And yet, would I want to get sick just to test the technique? Nope. At some point, you have to stop testing a technique, trust that it works, and use it as effectively as possible.

A New Technique for Enlightenment

I stumbled onto this, really. Having finally gotten good enough at communication to make smalltalk with spirits, I’ve been calling everyone I know, just to ask how everything is going and what they’re working on. One group happened to be developing a better technique for enlightenment, and I got to help test it. (Testing is halfway done.)

This has three levels of awesomeness for me. First, finding a technique I didn’t know was out there reminds me of the easy exploration I loved from my early years of magick, before I started doing my own research. Second, this is a group of spirits I used to work with daily, but now only talk to once every few months, so it’s great to be collaborating with them again. And third, it’s just exciting to see the changes to my thinking that happen as I do enlightenment work.

The technique is  similar to consciousness integration, but broader. I won’t be able to teach you to do it, but some of the ideas are intriguing, so maybe I’ll post an overview. If you want this, do let me know so I can prioritize it.

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  1. Yoseqlo says:

    Yes, would be great to see an Enlightenment technique by the Direct Magick perspective, specially with your more actualized data as your original one that have some misses like the thinking mind and the nerve’s layer.

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