The Not-Quite-Ready Guide to My Ethereal Software

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Several of you have been asking me for more details on how to use the ethereal software. It’s still not ready for prime time, and I haven’t tested it that thoroughly myself, so I’ve been keeping quiet about it. But then Simon said:

Guess all I mean is that with the core blog readers maybe you don’t necessarily have to have that stuff worked out perfectly. You can go a bit more ‘guinea pig’ on us. After all you are talking to a bunch of people who don’t have a problem using something that might give them caffeine headaches at first…

That made me smile, because it’s exactly my attitude with magick: Try things out, and if I get a headache, so be it. So, I’m going to share what I know.

But first, a bit of safety: I’ve programmed (and tested) a command, “Discontinue all effects on me.” It will stop anything the software is actively doing to you. Use it if you get a headache. Note: Undoing lasting changes that are already done is more complex, so any lasting changes (like awakening mental muscles) will remain. While I don’t think lasting headaches are likely, there’s always some risk when you make lasting changes. If you get a headache that doesn’t go away after 4 hours, let me know so I can undo whatever is causing it. (The sooner the better, since these things are easier to undo within 48 hours of initially making the change.)

So, with that in mind, here are some details for the ethereal software:

Awaken My Mental Muscles

The ethereal software has a command to awaken some mental muscles. Which ones? Erm, the ones used in basic direct magick, I think. Or maybe the ones for talking with this ethereal software. Or both? Either way, they’re useful.

I haven’t reviewed all the details myself, so I’m not sure if it gets exactly the right set of muscles, but I’m fairly sure it gets some good ones, and probably some mental muscles that you wouldn’t use in other types of magick. (That means that it might be useful even for experienced mages.) I do trust that, whatever muscles it activates, it activates them properly, because that’s something the spirit who made it would know how to do. If you want to try it, here’s the command:

“Awaken my mental muscles. Keep doing that until instructed otherwise.”

One debugging tip: When I tested this with my non-mage friend, the term “mental muscles” doesn’t mean much to her, so she had to specify “Awaken the parts of my mind that drive magick.” In other words, if any of the words in the command don’t mean much to you, replace them into their definition so that everything makes intuitive sense. You’re communicating in concepts, not words, so you need to use words that conjure up concepts.

That command should run for about 2 weeks. (Less time if you already have some mental muscles already active.) I recommend that you do daily practice during that time, so your mental muscles get some use while they’re activating. An energy meditation for 5 minutes every morning and evening is a good default.

By the way, I’ve tested it with one friend, but only watched the command for a day. So I know it works, more or less, but I don’t know what the completion looks like. That means we’re in alpha testing (where we don’t know if it works at all), rather than a beta testing (where we’re working out the little kinks).

Other Commands

This is going to be speculation. I know what the software is programmed to do, and I can tell you the commands I’d use to do it, but I haven’t actually tested them yet, so I these commands are my best guess, not the actual answers.

Why all this focus on testing the ethereal software? Well, it was programmed by a spirit I know. He’s skilled at magick in general, an expert at making ethereal software, and I trust him thoroughly. But he doesn’t work with humans a lot, so he may simply not realize that some things that are simple for him aren’t, you know, simple. For example, a command might require additional information to function properly, and it might be information that novice direct mages simply cannot provide, like magickal connections to different types of tissues. It won’t hurt you (beyond a possible headache / fatigue / similar), but it might not work. If you find yourself getting frustrated, take a break and let me know what you were trying.

OK, that’s enough disclaimers, now here are some commands:

“Establish connections to my mind for use is psychic intuitions.” Do this before asking for any psychic intuitions. Potential complications: These connections are quite complex. It might need additional instructions to be able to send you information consciously, as opposed to insights that will come to you unconsciously over time, like visions or dreams.

“Guide me to be successful in X.” Or “alter my decisions to make me successful in X.” These are basic psychic commands. For me, “guide me” has it send me info that I can consciously decide what to do with, while “alter my decisions” has it simply change what I do without any conscious thought on my part. Your mileage may vary.

Touch an injury, think, “Heal this injury.” This sends energy intended to promote some combination of numbing and accelerated healing. What are the exact results? Hard to say. It won’t close wounds up before your eyes. Could it go 2x as fast? I can’t say — I’ll do testing at some point. Or you can do testing for me :) The thing to remember is, if the numbing works, you’ll feel better before you actually are better, so don’t overdo it or you’ll injure yourself worse.

On all of those, you’ll want to specify to “keep doing that until otherwise instructed.” It will automatically stop when the command completes, or you can tell it to “Stop doing X,” where X is the command you gave before.

Eventually, I want to set up a tingling whenever you get a command right, but that’s so completely not ready yet. Right now, it will send you a message, like “Acknowledged,” when it accepts a command. You will probably be unable to read this message — most mages I know cannot. So, it will be hard to tell when something worked.

One more reminder: These commands are all in alpha testing, which means you may be the first human trying some of them. If that’s not something you want — if you want a tested, official method that I’ve used and recommend — then just wait a few months.

And if you do try it, please let me know how all this goes. I’m curious, and this really does seem like a great way to get the software tested much faster. So let me know what works, what doesn’t, and what you’d like to see.

Note: I leave for Australia today. I have a long layover in China to nap and shower, but not sure about internet there. I may be out of contact for the next 48 hours, starting around midnight tonight, US Pacific time. I’ve opened up comments, so anyone who’s already commented on the blog can post new comments without needing me to review them. Please, talk amongst yourselves until I’m back.

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14 Responses to “The Not-Quite-Ready Guide to My Ethereal Software”

  1. Simon says:

    Just to let you know I’ve started ‘running’ the command for awakening mental muscles. Keeping a detailed note of my experiences and will let you know.

    surprised there aren’t more takers for this but maybe they’re just keeping quiet!

    • Thanks Simon! I hadn’t expected many takers. There’s a huge difference between the 3 levels of involvement: Reading a blog, doing the exercises, and following some vague instructions on your own. And maybe some of the other folks have it on their list but just haven’t gotten to it yet.

  2. Ona says:

    So I played with it a bit more (that sigil on the other page). The stymie for me was what to ask that I could test well. I already have strong “mental muscles” and a developed energy work practice, so asking for something like psychic intuitions or healing would be hard to test, because those things are likely to draw on my own existing system/training automatically.
    So I finally decided to stare at the sigil until I felt a connection (which came after 6 or 8 seconds in the form of a sharp jolt and exhalation), and then ask the ethereal software to tell me what I should ask. Again I felt a sharp jolt and then immediately thought of asking to have a lucid dream tonight. I have been doing lucid dreaming training for a couple weeks with no success. I just fall asleep, have some random data-spew dreams, and wake up.
    There’s a small possibility this training would have coalesced into a lucid dream tonight, but I didn’t think it was too likely. A year ago when i did several days of lucid dreaming training I had a lucid dream within a few days. So this long spell of not having any results seemed unlikely to break “by itself” and thus if I get a result tonight it could be attributed to using your ethereal software system. After I asked I continued to stare at the sigil and asked for a sign that the command had been processed and it was okay to disconnect. After another several seconds or so I felt a sense of release, as if the connection had ended. Sound okay?

    • That sounds really interesting. I don’t do much with lucid dreaming myself, and don’t know what the ethereal software knows about it, so I’m curious. Please do let me know how it turns out, and thanks for giving this a try.

  3. Carl says:

    I’ve been trying the healing function. I know I’m not doing a scientific test BUT, I suspect it may actually work pretty much as advertised. Is there some way you/we/I could juice up the power a bit?

    • Thanks for testing it out, Carl. That’s great that it’s working for you.

      On juicing it up: Part of being the not-quite-ready guide is that some of the features aren’t done yet. Let me get things wrapped up more, then we can look into how to cause larger results.

  4. Ona says:

    So what happened was (and this has happened on and off over the last few weeks) that I half-woke-up repeatedly during the night and sort of watched myself dreaming. But I wasn’t in the dreams, more like just watching fragments of imagery and such float by. So it’s not the lucidity where you stay in the dream and realize you are dreaming, but more like withdrawing from the dream state and observing it. That does, however, clarify something I could do specific requests for, which is to become aware I am dreaming while staying in the dream state. I’ll experiment further.

    • Thanks, Ona. As you do more experiments, keep in mind that there’s no particular programming around dreaming for this ethereal software. Specifying what you want in more detail may help, since I think it has some general mental effects programming. And please keep me updated. Good luck!

  5. Jesus Boadas says:

    Hello Im new around here please can you guide me to the procedure to send a command.

  6. Ruatha says:

    The more I try to examine your ethereal program, the more it looks like a rubics cube (minos the colors) filled with lots of ‘wiring’ and hazy glowing of various subtle colors that I tend to associate with the Fay.

    I talked with it for quite some time and asked it lots of questions about what it could do and what it couldn’t. I asked mostly yes/no questions because I find it hard to get clear responses to open ended questions. I asked it to charge a crystal for me, not something I do a lot of and always seems like a chore. After a few minutes I could feel a slight increase in the energy signature in the crystal, after about an hour, it was still charging and slowly getting stronger. I’ll have it keep going for a while and see what happens. I also asked it to do some work on tension in my neck, its been there for a while and, again, I just hadn’t bothered doing indepth healing cause it just wasn’t much of an inconvenience and seemed like chore. I felt it slowly work on my vertibrae starting from the top and slowly going down. I don’t think I asked for that approach, it seemed to decide on the methodology all by itself, though, as I said, we talked a lot so I may have communicated that. Before it had finished with that, I asked it to work on my muscles next. That started all by itself without any particular attention on my behalf. Interestingly, it can charge that crystal and do an ‘bug off’ effect I asked for at the same time as doing healing, demonstrating that it can multi-task effectively. However, it appeared to only be able to do healing one at a time. Is it programmed with one path of action per command type?

    It doesn’t seem to have much of a ‘learning’ function, but does seem to have a ‘duplication’ function. I tried to have it perform a complex sequence of steps I use for healing and it couldn’t quite handle it, at least not with the brief explanation I gave it. However, I can give it an example of an energy signature and ask it to send that to any location, person, what-have-you for any effect I want. That is what I did with the ‘bug-off’ effect. Also, it doesn’t seem to have a problem doing the same process to multiple ‘targets’ at the same time, within limits. Multiple humans worked fine, including my dog at the same time seemed difficult but not impossible.

    The more I communicated with it, the more your term ethereal program fits the bill. It is very emotionless, doesn’t get bored and tends to react most predictably with very specific instructions. I like that and think it will be very useful to perform many functions I find boring and repetitive. I find it extremely easy to work with, but I create and work with my own ethereal constructs all the time.

    • Very cool, thanks for the report. A few notes you may find useful:

      -In general, communicating Yes/No is simpler than sending open-ended info. If you’ve worked with one piece of ethereal software for a long time, that won’t matter — the more you work with a particular ethereal software, the more it will connect to your mind, and the clearer the communication will be. But your first time, yes, I’d expect yes / no to be noticeably easier. (This is why I’ve focused on learning other communication techniques in my recent series on psychic intuitions — using more advanced communication lets you communicate open-ended info right away with new ethereal software.)

      -On one healing at a time: This doesn’t surprise me. Healing is complex, and I could imagine one effect interfering with another. So it wouldn’t surprise me if the software has a safeguard in place where it will only do one healing per person at a time. There’s probably also an override for advanced users to say, “Yes, really do this second healing also.” I’ll look into that. Thanks.

      -Creating a new command within the software is somewhat advanced. It would require clear communication, demonstrating each step, and probably some user level requirement, too. We’ll get into it in book 3, so it’s already on my roadmap. But you might want to try again in a month or so, once it’s set up to communicate with you better.

      And I’m glad you found the software useful. Thanks for the report.

  7. Ryan says:


    I love this software! I haven’t tested it extensively yet, but activating it generated some gentle kriyas, and I can feel it interfacing with the neurological structure of my brain, or its etheric overlay, like creating new pathways via rhythmic patterned bursts of energy. When I looked at a hologram of the software, it definitely had some higher-dimensional spatial geometric properties, which I associate with objects/energy signatures from disincarnate spirits, though it appeared more cylindrical than cubic to me.

    This reminds me of the morphic field software from Matrix Energetics. If you ever get the chance to observe or connect to Richard Bartlett, the creator of Matrix, he has *a lot* of channeled etheric software in his subtle body, some very weird, alien, higher-dimensional geometric-looking stuff, which as far as I could tell are like computer memory banks. Heh, when I copied a hologram of some of this software in my own morphic fields (during a Matrix seminar), it triggered a fairly massive past-life review/spontaneous shamanic de-possession experience, which was very positive in outcome, and pretty intense.

    Anyway, thank you for making this available! This is really cutting edge research you’re doing!


    • Hi Ryan, thanks for taking the time to let me know. I’m so glad you like the ethereal software. I’ll be learning more commands for it soon, and writing about them later this year.

      I haven’t looked into Richard Bartlett, but it sounds interesting. Maybe we’ll have a post coming up on that, too.

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