Weekly Comments Round-Up (July 13)

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Once again, it’s time for me to take a day off and let you do my writing for me. This week, we have discussions from beta testing my ethereal software,┬átips on talking to non-mages about magick, and a great example of demonstrating energy in a martial arts class.

First, the beta test. It was a success! My goal was to verify that I could indeed tie the ethereal software to a sigil (because I hadn’t done it before, and some models say it can’t be done), and it worked: Every tester who normally feels energy clearly felt the connections from the ethereal software. That also means I can start teaching you to recognize and follow connections, match the software’s signature, and a bunch of other techniques that require you to first notice a connection. I wrote a summary of the first few responses, which held true as more people joined in.

Also on that same post, I talked about the difference between beta tests and scientific tests, and the dangers of over-complicating your tests. Particularly useful if you’re trying to debug your own techniques.

I’d asked for advice on politely declining to explain the inner-workings of my models to curious friends, and Ona delivered: A stern but effective response, and if you scroll down, there’s a link to her post on the subject. I also got an excellent email on this (you know who you are), and plan to write more about it in the near future.

And WSA shares a great example of how a martial arts expert demonstrated energy. I’m glad to showcase an effective way to demonstrate energy, to contrast with the cheats and tricks I was discussing in the post.

Now, back to writing the book…

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