5 Minutes, Every Day

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A few months ago, I set a goal: Write a post every day. And I’ve mostly done it. Sometimes, I’m tired, and I write something short. (Today, for example.) But every day, I put words to screen and get a post out the door.

And writing is becoming easier. It’s impreceptible from one day to the next, but if I think back a month or two ago, there’s a big change. Do a little every day, and it adds up.

I’m not sure if I’m doing that with magick. Every day, I use manifesting to solve routine problems. And most days, I also do some energy healing, or heat my body, or communication with spirits, or something else useful.

And yet, that’s not really what I aspire to. My real work is developing new techniques. And I’ve been neglecting that for at least a week, maybe more, as I put my energies into computer consulting this month.

Which makes me think I should set a new goal: Think about research for 5 minutes, ever day. That’s small enough that I can’t really make an excuse not to do it. It doesn’t require results (which often takes an exhausting hour-long session), but it keeps me practicing my magick research skills daily. And, over the next few months, I’ll hopefully notice an improvement in how quickly I can find the right path in my research.

So, that’s my new goal: Five minutes of thinking about magick research, every day. Do you have a five minute goal?

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