An Advanced Technique for Enlightenment

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Sometimes, I call techniques advanced because they’re difficult for mages new to direct magick. This is not one of those times. This technique is genuinely advanced, and at the edge of what I can do. Enjoy.

Yesterday, we talked about a systematic model of how enlightened minds operate. I told you that I trusted that model because it lead us to a useful technique to improve enlightenment. So, today, let’s talk about that technique.

Both the model and the technique come from an ascended spirit I know, who is working to improve his own enlightenment, and wants to develop a generally useful technique to teach to his friends, too. He enlisted me to help test the technique, and to help turn some of the more vague steps into a precise procedure.

The Ascended Spirit’s Technique

Step 1: Find all the paths between all the semi-conscious parts of thinking mind. Previously, I’d only noticed the semi-conscious areas that connect to my conscious mind, but it turns out, there are a lot of semi-conscious areas that only connect to other semi-conscious areas. To find the entire network, you engage the mental muscles for affecting minds, and you keep asking, “Take all the areas you’ve found so far and find any other paths that lead away from those areas” until you stop getting any more paths.

Step 2: Activate all those paths. Yes, that’s one step. That’s part of why this is an advanced technique. It took me an evening to do this, but I would have been completely unable to do it if I hadn’t done consciousness integration a dozen times or more in the past few years.

Step 3: Update all those semi-conscious areas to be consistent with one another. Yes, this step is quite vague, and improving it was his area of focus when we talked. He gave me a few pieces of advice:

  • Your conscious mind should stay mostly unchanged.
  • Semi-conscious areas that are already integrated with your conscious mind should stay mostly unchanged as you update other areas.
  • If an area won’t integrate easily, use conscious reasoning to resolve the conflict (and possibly get help from a mentor).

Now, you could certainly work through each semi-conscious area individually, adding them one at a time and hoping that none of the un-integrated areas were too far out of sync with everything else. And if you’re an ascended spirit and don’t need to sleep or make money, maybe that isn’t a big deal. But that sounds like a lot more time than I want to put in, and you know my stance on fast enlightenment.

So, instead, I made an algorithm, which let my mental muscles run faster than my conscious mind. I’ll share that tomorrow.

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