Coaching Lisa on Shielding

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As you get better with magick, you’ll attract the attention of increasingly powerful spirits. Some will want to drain your energy, leaving you exhausted. Protecting yourself is an excellent way to develop your skills.

Yes, seriously: I used aggressive spirits as a metric for my own skills, and the people I train do, too. It forces you to learn good shielding, and good offense to chase them away, and how to sense and follow and remove connections, and a bunch of other skills that also help with energy healing, and psychic intuitions, and other constructive forms of magick.

I want to share a training I did with Lisa recently, helping her debug her shielding. It’ll show you how I approach these problems, along with a possibly-useful technique. And it’ll give you a sense of what it’s like to do direct magick, including some steps that I normally gloss over.

The training started with a social call over gmail chat. Lisa’s reply to, “How was your week?” ended with “I got drained by spirits twice.” She wasn’t upset or worried, just annoyed with herself for letting it happen.

“Can I help?” I asked. Here, “help” might be training, shielding her while she completes her workweek, or chasing these particular spirits away.

“No. I’ll just have to do better next time.” Lisa doesn’t like asking for help. I’ve learned not to accept her first no, though, and started helping her anyway.

First step: Assess the situation. I connected to her, verified that the spirits weren’t currently draining her, then just pretended she’d asked for training. I replied, “When I try to do better, there are usually two possibilities. If the spirits are getting in so fast that I can’t respond, then I need better defense. If they can’t get in easily, but I can’t do anything to chase them away, then I need better offense. Which is it for you?”

“They can’t get in during the day. It’s at night, when I’m asleep, that they drain me.”

“OK, so that’s a defense problem,” I replied. Lisa looked surprised, like she’d thought she should focus on offense, hitting them when she woke up so they wouldn’t come back the next night. The problem is, unless you can do truly exceptional damage, they’ll probably drain you again and take their lumps in the morning. You need enough shielding so they can’t get in, or at least so you wake up and defend yourself before they drain you.

I continued, “Go to the mental muscles that handle your shielding and ask them to set up your shield as a permanent structure that works passively, rather than something you have to actively maintain.” This is pretty typical of direct magick: You need to know the right command, and which mental muscles (or ethereal software) to send it to, but once you do, everything simply works. (Keep in mind that Lisa has been at this for several years, and has a bunch of mental muscles awake. I couldn’t give that kind of instruction to a novice.)

Lisa stared off into the distance for less than a minute. I’m the same way when I do magick: It’s obvious that I’m not focused on what’s going on, but I generally don’t close my eyes. Keeping them open looks less strange, plus it lets me continue simple tasks like walking or driving.

When she was done, Lisa said, “The muscles said, ‘So, you want us to set it up as a structure that will conduct those functions?'” She smiled as she said it. She usually finds these pedantic confirmations funny, since it’s obvious to her that the answer is yes. I sometimes remind her that this is a sign she’s not conveying her commands precisely enough, or perhaps not using quite the correct commands, but usually I just let her be amused. “I told them yes, and it’s done.”

And that was it. The whole session took probably two minutes, and her shielding should now hold up overnight just fine now. At least, until she attracts the attention of even better spirits.

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