Disabling Malicious Spirits

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Today, I’ll answer Ananael’s question about disabling malicious spirits by disconnecting their mental muscles from their thinking mind.

To recap, in Don’t Mock Demons, I said that, to rid myself of a malicious spirit, “I would damage the connections between the spirit’s mental muscles and its thinking mind.” Ananael asked if spirits have mental muscles and thinking minds (answer: yes), and he also asked:

It’s not clear to me that there’s a “connection” between [the mental muscles and thinking mind of the spirit] that would be amenable to disruption. Or have you experimented with this method and found it to be effective in ridding yourself of spirits that are bothering you?

The short answer is: Yes, disrupting the connections between mental muscles and thinking mind is my default method for dealing with persistent malicious spirits. (If I don’t want to injure the spirit, I’ll temporarily disable its mental muscles instead.)

The technique takes me less than 5 seconds at this point. Immediately, I’ll feel the spirit’s connections go limp, whether they were pressing against my shields or had already penetrated into my mind and body. Within seconds, whatever they were doing will stop, and I’ll feel my mind shift back to its normal state. And as the spirit’s magick shuts down over the next 10 seconds or so, its shielding will drop, and it will be unable to resist anything else I do.

In short, disrupting a spirit’s mental muscles, or the connections between their mental muscles and thinking mind, ends the fight, and ends it quickly. Which makes me confident it was this technique, and not something else or some coincidence, that drove those results. I’ve verified this dozens of times over the past decade.

This Feels Different than Banishing

When I’ve seen spirits banished, it amounts to setting up a protected space, removing the spirit’s connections to that space, and erecting some sort of shield around the space.

I don’t like relying on banishing, because I’ve never seen a shield I couldn’t bypass. If I were in the role of the malicious spirit, and someone banished me, it would slow me down, and might even make me decide they weren’t worth the trouble, but it wouldn’t stop me. If I wanted in, I’d get in.

Shutting down a spirit’s mental muscles actually stops them. You can stay connected to them and see things shutting down, see their shielding drop, and see them unable to continue the fight. It doesn’t require the proper ritual for the spirit, either, it simply shuts them down and wins. I like that.

Remember when I talked about exploring the Goetia, and said that I could fight pretty well? This is the technique I would use in that fight, and I would expect it to win.

Incidentally, I don’t make this damage lasting unless I have to. In my first encounter with the spirit, I’ll temporarily disable their mental muscles, release the part of their mind that handles communication, then talk to them and release my hold on their mind. I only make the damage lasting if they come back for a second round.

Visualization Won’t Work

One more thing to mention: If you’re used to visualizations, you might want to imagine the spirit’s mental muscles, imagine some chords going to their mind, and imagine a knife severing the chords. That’s unlikely to work.

The reason is, the mental muscles that drive these techniques are built to awaken your mental muscles. They know how to turn mental muscles on, not how to turn them off. So, when you use that visualization, you’re asking your mental muscles to produce an outcome that they don’t know how to produce, and you get ineffective magick.

Instead, you need to step your mental muscles through the technique until they know how to do it. Which is one of the core skills of direct magick, and deserves a whole series of its own.

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4 Responses to “Disabling Malicious Spirits”

  1. Arthur says:

    So, how exactly does one disable a spirit’s mental muscles, if not through visualization? I’ve followed the last two related posts as well, but if you described how to actually perform the technique, I missed it! Forgive me if this is a silly or annoying question.

  2. True Chaote says:

    Hey Mike,

    Interesting blog and a fan of the no-bs approach. Would this have anything to do with energy / feeling actual sensations in your body / head?

    I too didn’t really understand how magick could be practiced without visualization… until I was initiated into a school of energy work. And I didn’t even have to close my eyes or pray to gods!

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