Don’t Mock Demons

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Great post from Ananael a few weeks back, discussing a paranormal investigator named Buell who claims to have been bothered by a Goetic demon for 4 years. Buell’s solution?

Buell claims to have dealt with the problem by mocking the entity regularly, referring to it as a “bunny”.

When a problem lasts for 4 years, your home remedy didn’t work. And yet, I see lots of people with home remedies based on the idea that, by simply not acknowledging the malicious spirit, it can’t harm you.

There is exactly one thing in this world which cares what you expect to happen, and that thing is the placebo effect. If your symptoms are just hypochondria, then by all means, laugh and mock them.

But we learn energy healing because it’s more than placebo. We learn manifesting because it’s more than positive thinking and hard work. We learn magick because it has a real, external existence separate from our expectations.

And remember: Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away. (Philip K. Dick.) If that real, external existence turns out to be malicious, it won’t stop being malicious just because you mock it or refuse to believe in it.

You have to actually do something to the external world to protect yourself. The methods will differ: Ananael would probably use some sort of protection or banishing ritual, while I would damage the connections between the spirit’s mental muscles and its thinking mind. But neither of us would just wish it away.

I think that’s Ananael’s point at the close of his article:

paranormal investigators don’t need psychics who give vague and impossible to verify information, they need magicians who can command spiritual forces when the need to do so arises. Those of us who study occultism work with these things all the time, and while it may seem unscientific to enlist our help, it still strikes me as wise.


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5 Responses to “Don’t Mock Demons”

  1. Ananael Qaa says:

    “Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball.” Words to live by, those. ;-)

    I’m kind of curious about a point you made in your last paragraph. Do you believe that spirits have “mental muscles” and “thinking minds” that are in any way analogous to those of humans? The thinking mind as we understand it is almost certainly rooted in the brain, since damage to particular areas can cause much more profound dysfunction than I would expect if the thinking function was rooted in some spiritual process.

    What the data I’ve compiled seems to show is that spirits do have independent minds and a certain level of power in terms of their ability to produce probability shifts, but the two factors seem to be much more intertwined than they are in human beings. My guess is that this is due to the limitations of physical biology. Where I’m going with it, though, is that it’s not clear to me that there’s a “connection” between the two that would be amenable to disruption. Or have you experimented with this method and found it to be effective in ridding yourself of spirits that are bothering you?

    I know, it’s probably a subject for a completely different post, but your comment there piqued my interest.

  2. Olu Ola says:

    Reading through many of your posts on the blog has really answer few of my Qs, but what if i’m curious to ask other few Qs, i would wait for your reply.

    … if i can call an angel from mars to protect a family member with ritual magick, how would you protect your siblings from demon that seek revenge on you though could not get through you?

    … i was once troubled by a DEMON and later i called archangel MICHAEL to banish it from my room. I want to know how to banish ASHTAROTH without the aid of holy GOD and the service of strong ANGELS.

    Can you create a sacred circle of protection with this new system of magick and you are sure of 100% safty from the venom of BAAL, LILITH, MOLOCH just to name a few.

    Direct magick would fuel its energy from the soul, and these demons have their tricks to buying even the souls of humans. I would wait to see direct magick do better than the ritual of solomonic magick.

    Moreover, the link you sent in the reply of my previous Qs. did more good than bad.

    Thumb up, thank you.

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