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I’ve embraced practicing magick on the go, at cafes and on trains. It’s the only way to move projects forward.

In the past, new work only happened from the quiet of my room, with my laptop open to collect notes. It’s easily my most efficient work, per minute invested.

The problem is, those are rare, expensive minutes. And many days, I don’t find any of them. Between consulting, writing, friends, dances, parties, and meals, most of my alone-with-a-laptop time gets spent resting, not researching.

And so, I’m embracing magick on the go, checking on research projects and spirits I know while waiting for meals and sitting on trains. I thought I’d hate the inefficiency, but really, I love being able to turn useless minutes into something useful, even if I’m distracted half the time.

Mostly, I check on spirits I know. First, research collaborators, to see if they could use my input on anything. Then, friends, to see what they’re working on, and if I want to get involved. And, since I started doing this a week ago, I’m touching base with even more spirits than I did before my trip to Australia.

To drive research, I still need uninterrupted quiet time. But I’m finding the wasted minutes are perfect for helping a spirit move a project forward. And I’m going to keep doing this even after my consulting is done and I’ve reclaimed my days for magick study.

(The visualization series will resume tomorrow. Today was a lot of computer programming for consulting, and I only have a little energy left for writing.)

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  1. Yoseqlo says:

    In fact usually my Magick practice is alwasy on the go, in the way to somewhere I had to go, It’s really useful as you do it like a routine.

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