Manifesting Away a Consulting Problem

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Today, I used manifesting to guide myself through a complex consulting project.

I had to learn SQL, a programming language (more or less), to do a new project at the last minute. Why the last minute? Because the guy who was supposed to do it said, “What, there’s a deadline? I didn’t know that. I thought I could just do this project whenever I felt like it.”

(Apparently I should have been asking a whole different set of questions much earlier into this consulting gig, but that’s another post entirely.)

So, today, I learned SQL. Not every nook and crannie, but enough to do the project. And to do it, I used manifesting.

See, the hard part of learning a new technology isn’t actually understanding the things you need to understand. No, it’s knowing which features are worth exploring, and which are dead ends. Is this approach worth debugging, or am I missing some critical knowledge that would suggest a more elegant solution? Is this feature even possible? Should I learn to read every keyword on this line, or just go with my best guess on what the line does as a whole?

If you guess wrong, you either dive into something you can’t understand, or you do hours of useless research. And that’s where manifesting comes in: At each decision, I’d wait for an intuition, and each time, within 30 minutes, I’d find that the intuition was right.

Most of the time, I write about new projects I find challenging. At this point, getting info from ethereal software is something I take for granted. But occasionally, manifesting helps me solve a huge problem that I was dreading. Today was one of those days. And I’m pretty excited about it.

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  1. Ona says:

    Cool. That’s one of those effects where magick hooks into intuition hooks into the flow of the universe, from my perspective. The more magick you do (of the wisdom-oriented kind, at least), the more that intuition becomes a natural part of your mind. You just know what to do without thinking it through or asking, the ideas pop up, you take a left instead of a right and find just what you need, etc.

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