What’s Next? (August 2012)

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As I wrap up my consulting, and wrap up my tourism, I’m ready to return to magick study. And my mind returns to my most common question: What’s next?

Next might be returning to the tingling sensations that even non-mages can feel. I know, this might seem trivial, but the point is to learn how to make energy or connections or whatever magickal things interact with the brain to produce a precise, predictable result. That technique could then become the building block for a lot of effects later.

A friend might have cancer. She’s seeing the doctor in a few weeks. So, I might be focusing on magick to heal the side-effects of chemo, and possibly magick to directly heal cancer (in collaboration with traditional medicine). Nothing definite there, but it is on my mind quite a bit.

I’ve started programming my manifesting ethereal software to understand money, business decisions and investments. I’d like to move this closer to the front burner, but all the manifesting from my trainers says to instead focus on mental effects like triggering sensations in non-mages. They tell me that getting better with the mind will improve my communication, which I’ll need for that level of manifesting. Still, this project will inch along even as I develop the mental effects.

And the book. I want to get back to the ethereal software, make sure the commands for Book 1 are working, and get back to writing. Look for the chapters to resume in September.

I also have an offer to teach me the next technique for enlightenment. I know basically what it is, and may be able to generalize it into magick to make you smarter. So I’ll probably learn some of that in September, too.

That’s… wow, that’s a lot of stuff. Good to have it all written down, though, so I can refer to my list as I do the work, and also after I think I’m done, to see what I missed.

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