Wrapping Up a Month of Consulting

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Yesterday was my final day of hard consulting — sorry for skipping the post, by the way. This coming week is tourism in Australia: An open-range zoo, an aquarium, some museums, and so on. Then two more consulting days to cross the t’s and dot the i’s, and back home on August 30.

A few observations after this month of consulting:

I still practiced a ton of manifesting, and did some healing sessions and other useful effects I already knew, but did very little to develop new techniques. When you’re short on time, the useful techniques get practiced, and the not-yet-useful ones don’t.

And yet, I did develop the enlightenment technique with that spirit. So, research wasn’t at a standstill, just much slower, done mostly on train rides, rather than in focused hour-long sessions. I could assist with research, but not drive my own.

Same for writing: I wrote a post almost every day, but made roughly zero progress on my book.

I did not find a magick community here. Not that I looked that hard. I did run into one chaos magician and one freemason, so there is some stuff in Melbourne if you want to look for it. But nothing that got me terribly excited.

But I did make a lot of awesome friends in Melbourne. Circus performers, artists, and otherwise really interesting people. Didn’t tell most of them about magick, though. I don’t want to present it as a religion, but I don’t have the right demonstrations yet to present it as a science. Maybe next year.

Yesterday,  after the final bit of consulting, I was pretty exhausted. But today, after napping a few extra hours, I feel recharged, and ready to develop some new magick. I think this month made a nice change of pace, a good way to take a vacation from magick without feeling guilty for wasting the time.

And I have a career recommendation for aspiring mages: Freelance work. When you have a gig, you can take a break from your magick work, and when you don’t have a gig, you can do full-time magick. It works quite well.

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2 Responses to “Wrapping Up a Month of Consulting”

  1. Simon says:

    Yes, after struggling with managing a freelance business in the past – I now wouldn’t go back to 9to5. Also provides interesting opportunities to actually test manifesting/probability altering skills (whatever you want to call it) in terms of being in the right place at the right time to get a client.

    regarding writing a post every day, I did have to wonder about that. I guess you’re doing it to hone your writing skills. Nonetheless I, for one, wouldn’t complain if you didn’t manage a post every day- if it was in service of the book.

    • Thanks, Simon. I really like writing something every day, getting feedback from readers, and seeing what resonates. Often, posts that I think are throwaway turn out to be real hits, and spark a great conversation or a series later. I like posting every day because then I feel like I can post a half-complete idea, rather than needing to post something really meaty, which lets me post as I explore something rather than posting at the end.

      All of that is a very different kind of writing than I’m doing for the book. Writing the book takes more focus, and more uninterrupted time, because I need to keep in mind not just what I’m saying right now, but also what topics it needs to lead into.

      I thought about taking the post-writing time and working on the book. But in the end, I realized the time doesn’t convert, and that I’d much more likely turn that hour into rest time, rather than book-writing.

      I’m glad you’re excited about the book, by the way. I’ll resume it in September, and continue posting chapters as I write them.

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