Debugging My Manifesting: Specifying Goals

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My most common manifesting question is, “What should I do?” Here’s the rub: To answer that, the ethereal software providing the answers needs to know what I want to accomplish.

A year or two ago, I told the software my broad goals: Become better with magick, build a community of friends and magick collaborators, and be happy. It worked well enough, since I was weak with communication and could only ask for broad guidance, anyway. But lately, as I get better at asking detailed questions and receiving detailed instructions, the answers aren’t really getting me where I want to go. So I did some training yesterday.

Apparently, my goals are terrible. Or, rather, the way I specified them is. Sure, it was good 1-2 years ago, when I could barely send a sentence, but these days, they’re far too vague. For example, instead of “community of friends and magick collaborators,” I should specify something like:

I want a group of mages that I trust, and am correct to trust, who can collaborate on projects with me and significantly accelerate my learning and whatever my magick goals are at the time, and also help me build an organization focused on researching magick and selling our services.

So far, I’ve explored those goals and discussed them with my trainer. Tomorrow, I’ll explain the goals to my manifesting software and see how that changes its answers. Look for a follow-up post next week.

2 misc. notes:

Even if you specify something more than “What should I do,” the software still needs to know your goals. After all, it can only answer “Which job should I accept” if it knows whether you prioritize money, free time, or interesting work.

Also, this applies equally to psychic intuitions, where the manifesting ethereal software feeds you a continuous stream of information, rather than answering individual questions. I actually use the same ethereal software for manifesting and psychic intuitions, and my goals will impact both.

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