Debugging Psychic Intuitions (Sept 2012)

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In May, I became psychic. In August, I noticed that the intuitions weren’t as reliable as I’d like. This month, I debugged it, and so far, I’m pleased with the results.

This post covers some of the more interesting results of that debugging. Each will get its own section. But let’s start with a quick review of how psychic intuitions work.

A Basic Model of Psychic Intuitions

Here’s my basic model: Psychic ethereal software reads your thoughts, monitors your actions, and sends you intuitions. Your job as the psychic is to listen to those intuitions.

In general, you can use the same software for both psychic and manifesting, since both deal with future events.

What’s the difference between the two? Psychic intuitions just come to you, while manifesting is about requesting events to happen.

What about actively requesting information? I’ll call that a psychic intuition if I’m communicating with the software like I do for other intuitions, and a manifesting if I’m communicating with it in a more elaborate way.

What to Debug?

When I notice I’m not getting the results I want, my first question is, “What could go wrong?” Here’s my list for this:

  • I could be communicating poorly, either when I ask the question, or when I receive the answer.
  • The ethereal software could be configured wrong, so that it’s not monitoring my thoughts and actions properly.
  • The ethereal software might not understand what I want, meaning is accurately guiding me to someplace I don’t want to be.
  • There could be some other error in how I’ve configured the ethereal software.
  • The ethereal software might simply not work as advertised. But I know other users (human and spirit) who are happy with it, so I consider this unlikely.

This list wasn’t strictly necessary, because I ended up just calling my trainer and asking for his advice. But I like coming in with a list of ideas — it shows them that I’m serious, and there’s sometimes a new idea on my list that they don’t normally check.

My trainer flagged 3 items to fix: Goals, communication, and the data stream.


After exchanging pleasantries, we looked at the goals I’d set up with the ethereal software. Apparently, they were awful: Vague, overly-broad, and just all around bad. This was a few weeks ago, and I blogged about it at the time.

Since then, I’ve configured my goals in the ethereal software. Some, particularly financial goals, require additional programming before the software really understands what I mean. But on the whole, they were accepted, and at the end, the software told me, “Congratulations, you are now fully configured for manifesting.” Apparently, I wasn’t before. Good to know.

It would have been nice if, when I used manifesting without setting up my goals properly, the software warned me about that. But most of the ethereal software I use is designed for ascended spirits, so it assumes you know what you’re doing, and skips a lot of error checking. The advantage is, this ethereal software gives you lots of options once you do know what you’re doing, which I like. If you know computers, it’s like Linux vs iPhone.

Better Psychic Communication

I told the ethereal software, “Guide me to be successful.” I’m not sure if that’s the full command, or if my trainer also gave it some instructions, but he told me to say that, and I trust him.

We’d expected the software to mostly use the connections it already had to my mind. Instead, it set up new connections all the day, and into the next day. It was exhausting. Advanced magick tip: If you ever do this setup, and you know how to increase the power flowing into your brain, increase it every few hours.

Based on the amount of setup, I’d say that my previous work becoming psychic used the wrong command, and didn’t trigger the ethereal software to set up the right connections to monitor my thoughts and actions. I had previously been using the same connections I normally use to communicate with other ethereal software, which only send thoughts I intend to send. These new connections should monitor my thoughts and actions throughout your day.

Now that it’s done, communication with the ethereal software has become much easier. More intuitions come to me without having to ask for them, and the messages themselves are clearer (particularly while I’m distracted). But we’re not done yet.

“Human Mage” Data Stream

This was a new concept for me, and one I never would have found without my trainer explaining it. Let me step you through it.

The psychic ethereal software gets its data from other, more complex ethereal software. By analogy, imagine an email website, like gmail. Users interact with a website (the “front-end”), but the actual data (the emails) are stored in a database (the “back-end”). I’ll use those terms: The psychic software is the front-end, and the more complex software that feeds it data is the back-end. (How do you know which is which? Users interact with the front-end.)

The back-end ethereal software sends data (events, predictions, etc) to the front-end ethereal software. Because this data flows continuously, I’ll call it a “data stream.” But there’s a problem: There’s too much data for the front-end system to handle. So, it tells the back-end system, “Only send me data relevant to humans,” or relevant to human mages, or to spirits, or ascended spirits, or something else. There were lots of options.

I was set to “skilled spirit.” No idea why. Maybe it’s the default for this software? Or maybe a former trainer set it up wrong? Maybe because I communicate like a spirit, it just treated me like a spirit in general? No idea, but I don’t really care. I just told the software to treat me like a human mage, while still communicating with me like a spirit, and it seems to be working.


Wow, I was doing a lot of things wrong. Even after fixing goals, communication and the data stream, I’m probably still doing some parts wrong — that’s why I put a date on this post. I’ll revisit this topic in a few months.

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  1. mrblack says:

    always like reading the thought process behind debugging your techniques.

    sometimes, i feel that traditional mages out there just simply give up when something doesn’t work – like it’s not possible for them to debug techniques.

    or maybe it’s just us w/ the affinity for computers who like doing these types of things, lol.

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