Ethical Love Magick (The Razor’s Edge)

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Today, I finish catching up with The Razor’s Edge, before moving on to Strategic Sorcery and a few others.

Rated [M] for Magick

In response to my post about magick for adults, Mr. Black created a vastly better headline, and said:

I don’t really like to specify magick as for “adults” only…..more so for the mature only.

To me, there are plenty of adults who make mistakes, who do not really think things through, who are immature and have not gained the wisdom they should’ve gotten from the many years of experience they’ve procured.

I like this sentiment. Because that’s really what I’m getting at: Not a concern about 14-year-olds reading my blog, but about immature or malicious adults using these techniques to hurt someone. My mentors restrict certain techniques to people who’ve done enlightenment work, which seems sensible. So, I either want to stay quiet about those techniques, or if I do post them, I want to do it deliberately, with a decision to disclose them to everyone, enlightened or not.

(Full post here.)

Love, Lust and Seduction

Mr. Black on magick to find love (of one form or another). One sentence in particular jumped out at me:

I just don’t feel right using magick to gain love or help with seducing someone you “love”.

I think that we conceptualize magick differently. Sure, if you ask, “Make Sally love me,” that’s just creepy (and unlikely to work). But if you ask:

“Cause me to meet good romantic partners, and cause me to approach them in a good way that leads to a good relationship.”

Or something like that, that seems both smart and ethical. It’s helping me meet people who probably want to meet me, and causing happy coincidences. I don’t see a problem with that.

The rest of his post is an interesting window into Mr. Black’s take on love, sex and relationships, and how magick interacts with them. (Full post here.)

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2 Responses to “Ethical Love Magick (The Razor’s Edge)”

  1. Ananael Qaa says:

    The Thelemic “will” shortcut I mentioned in my last comment here is perfectly applicable to love magick. “Bring me a romantic partner who is in harmony with my will and with whose will I am in harmony with” as a magical intent works like a charm – literally. I also don’t see how anyone could have an ethical problem with it, since consent and will are fundamentally interrelated.

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