Expressing Confidence (Or Lack Thereof)

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A few days ago, I posted about a friend using manifesting to find a lost ring. Today, I’m thinking about the replies to that post, which were sweet and respectful, but were more focused on testing and proving direct magick than I had expected.

Note: This post is introspection about my path and my writing. If you came for “how to do magick,” maybe skip this one.

I’m realizing that are two sides to this blog. First, the overall model of direct magick: Mental muscles, ethereal software, the importance of sensory connections, and so on. I’ve been working with that a long time, and I’m pretty confident in it.

But second, there’s teaching you to use my ethereal software, which is how most of you will experience my magick. This is new for me — my only post on how to actually use my ethereal software was called the “not-quite-ready guide.” When I write about other mages using this new ethereal software, I think of it as making a list of features and debugging projects, not a demonstration of what I do.

Really, it’s the difference between a model I’m confident in, and a style of magick (based on that model) that I’m in the early stages of developing. (My own work, like case studies of my energy healing, fall somewhere in between.)

I think some dates will make this clearer. I’ve been working with various pieces of ethereal software since the late 90s, and with mental muscles since 2003. I started healing work in 2006, started debugging communication for manifesting in 2010, and finally made a serious study of manifesting last year. My first serious ethereal software reprogramming was the healing technique for chronic hives, at the start of 2012. And building the ethereal software for my book is my first time working with new, non-debugged ethereal software.

That list maps really well to how confident I am with each item: A decade on the basic model, 6 years on energy healing, 1-2 on manifesting, and less than a year on the ethereal software tied to my sigil.

And I’m realizing that I haven’t done a good job of separating those topics when I write, or of showing you my different levels of confidence. I present best-guess approaches in much the same tone as I present my overall model, and so naturally, readers expect every technique to have the same level of maturity and testing as my overall model.

I wish I had that mature style to give you. Heck, I wish I had that mature style to give myself. I’d love healing techniques that worked the first time, every time, rather than healing techniques I can make work with a few debugging sessions. I’d love manifesting that guided me to the best possible solution every time, on topics ranging from finding lost jewelry to writing blog headlines to gambling and investments. And I’d love if it were simple enough to teach you to use it in a few blog posts, rather than a few books.

I’m realizing that the way I write is probably making some of you expect me to have that mature style, and that my confidence in my overall model and in some of my techniques comes off as a confidence in everything I do, and creates the expectation that I’m writing about a mature style. I don’t know how to change that tone of my writing, but it’s something I’ll be thinking about from here on out.

Any tips?

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