My Work This Week: Energy Healing for PTSD, Improving Psychic Intuitions

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Now that I’m back home and back to magick research, let’s resume the weekly posts about my work. This week, I did a healing session for a friend with PTSD, updated my settings with my psychic ethereal software, and helped a friend who was being drained by spirits.

Energy Healing for PTSD

A friend developed post-traumatic stress disorder after a traumatic event in April. I did two healing sessions for her this week, and the results look promising. Look for a full case study soon, once we’ve had time to watch the changes for a bit longer.

The healing technique is advanced. I can’t explain how to do it here, but I can give you the general idea: You separate the memories from their emotional charge. Inside the person’s thinking mind, you find the energy signature of the memories, find the paths from those memories to the person’s emotional areas, and disable those paths. The result is that the memories remain, but don’t trigger their emotions anymore. (Emotions can still be triggered normally by other memories, though.) I’d used this technique on myself earlier this year to get over a fight with a friend, but hadn’t used it for anyone with PTSD.

(Yes, it’s possible this was suggestion and placebo, not energy. But the results were pretty great.)

Like most of my techniques, there’s a gentle version and a more complete version. We started with the gentle version, where you just separate the energy signature of the memory from the emotion, but don’t do anything to prevent it from reconnecting. As expected, the memory became somewhat less emotional, but everything reconnected as my friend recalled the events throughout the day. She was still impressed with the results, though I considered it an (somewhat expected) failure. At least it gave us something of a control condition — this attempt should have gotten the full benefit of placebo, and it had no significant long-term results, so any long-term results we get later will probably be the result of the healing technique itself.

The second technique included a step to seal the energetic paths between the memory and the emotion, to prevent the connections from re-forming. It seems to be working, even a few days later. The immediate result was bigger than the first session:

  • Before the session, reading her recollection of the traumatic events made her nauseous. This was ongoing, and we verified this immediately before the session.
  • The session took about 5 minutes.
  • Immediately after the session, reading those same events no longer made her nauseous.

And it seems to be holding up, several days later. Look for a full write-up soon.

Updating My Psychic Settings

I discussed this work earlier this week. So far, I’ve updated my goals. Next, I’ll re-configure how the ethereal software connects to my mind, and specify the things I’d like it to advise me on. Expect more on this in next Sunday’s weekly summary.

Helping vs Draining Spirits

A friend, S, had severe headache and nausea. Connecting to her, it looked like a spirit had been draining one particular signature of her energy, and when you subtract one signature from a person, they wind up with an unbalanced, unhealthy signature, causing those sort of problems. She’s psychic but otherwise doesn’t know magick, so I helped out.

Normally, this wouldn’t even warrant a mention, except for one wrinkle: The spirits draining her are attached to the ethereal software S uses for psychic intuitions. They own that ethereal software. So, I can’t kick them out without disabling her psychic intuitions.

One option was to disconnect S from that ethereal software (and kick the spirits out), then connect her to some better ethereal software, like the one for my book. Once it set up (in 3-6 months*), she’d get even better intuitions. But S was worried about the delay.

*Why so long? Because she doesn’t know magick, the ethereal software has to handle 100% of the communication. Once you learn techniques to help out with the communication, you can connect to new ethereal software much quicker. But, unfortunately, it also takes a few months to learn those techniques.

The spirits seemed intelligent and generally friendly, and weren’t aware they were hurting people with these energy drains. So I brokered a deal: I got my trainers to show those spirits how to produce their own energy more efficiently, so they won’t have to drain people anymore. Those spirits agreed to stop draining people. It’s working well, S is recovering, I’m in touch with the spirits, and hopefully they’ll do something helpful and productive with their time now.

Detailed results: The problem initially started about 48 hours ago. It went unaddressed for about 24 hours from when S developed symptoms, to S asking for help, to me getting the email, to me trying to chase the spirits off a few times (short-term improvements, but no long-term change), to me figuring out about the ethereal software, to me seeing this solution. Within a few hours* of arranging that deal, S’s headache and nausea went from crippling to manageable, and her condition has continued to improve in the 24 hours since.

*Why a few hours to notice a change? The problem isn’t the drain itself, it’s the unhealthy energy signature, and it takes a while for your energy to return to normal. If you know how to reset your energy, you can reduce this to a few minutes, but S doesn’t know that technique yet, so a few hours is typical.

By the way, if you notice and address the problem faster, before your signature gets too unhealthy, you’ll have a much faster recovery.

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8 Responses to “My Work This Week: Energy Healing for PTSD, Improving Psychic Intuitions”

  1. Yoseqlo says:

    Wouldn’t been better to use the Consciousness Integration than splitting parts of the thinking mind in the PTSD?

    • I don’t think so. But I haven’t healed someone with PTSD before, so it’s hard to say for sure what the best approach is. The way you phrase the question, it seems like you think consciousness integration would be a better approach, so let me ask you: Why do you think that?

      A couple items that go into my sense that CI isn’t the best approach here:

      Consciousness integration deals with urges and thoughts. Here, we’re trying to reduce the emotional impact of a reaction.

      Also, consciousness integration is a lot more work than this technique, both for me and for the person being healed.

  2. Yoseqlo says:

    Thought that one goal of Consciousness Integration is to be your conscious will be over non-integrated areas, and so maybe in PTSD, the non-integrated parts are acting by their own (or at least with more stubborn than integrated ones) to manifest painful sensations attached to memories, so if made them work together may could see that is unnecessary that emotional response.

    Just some thoughts, but if you say so, well, guess I have no much experience with the thinking mind than you, so yours is the best approach guess…

    • First: It’s awesome to be able to have discussions like this, about which direct magick technique is best for particular situations. This is one of the main reasons I started blogging.

      On the techniques, I hadn’t thought about consciousness integration here, but it might help. I’m hopeful that the work I’ve already done will be successful, but if not, I’ll talk with my trainers about consciousness integration. Always good to have backup plans. Thanks.

      (And I don’t know that mine is the best approach. This is my first experience healing PTSD. So, thanks for chiming in.)

  3. Ananael Qaa says:

    Removing the emotional charge from the memory is correct. You don’t want to try and integrate a traumatic feeling-tone back into the personality, you want to get rid of it. And neuroscientific research managed to show about two years ago that once you do this, the feeling-tone is actually gone. They’re going to have drugs that do this in about five years – so far the first one they’ve developed works really well on rats and they’re in the process of scaling it up to humans, and it works pretty much like what you describe doing here.

    The idea of integrating traumatic memories in order to heal them is basically a version of the Freudian model, which operates under the assumption that instead of going away, the emotion will be repressed – a process that results in ongoing cognitive stress. But experimental psychology has demonstrated pretty conclusively that this model is just plain wrong. There is no mechanism in the brain that consumes energy to repress particular thoughts and emotions, though in social situations self-censorship can produce something that can look outwardly similar.

    • Thanks Ananael. I recall that research: You give rats a drug that prevents memories from forming, then you trigger the memory, and since the memory can’t re-form, it diminishes in intensity. I read about it earlier this year. That was actually what made me think to use this technique to heal PTSD.

      I didn’t realize they had drugs coming to market so soon. That’s awesome. Thanks for posting.

  4. Simon says:

    Re- the drug to remove emotional charge. Call me old fashioned and reactionary but I can’t help thinking of that bad movie Equilibrium where everyone takes a drug to stop strong emotions forming in them ‘for the greater benefit of keeping society together’ or the drug Soma from the Brave New world novel- everyone walking around completely ‘neutralized’.

    I’ve read about some of the studies done with vietnam PTSD patients who had the ‘new age’ therapy EFT applied to them. Seems to have achieved similar results by tapping on various places on the body (whether its actually pressure points/meridians or placebo or whatever). I even used the approach myself several years ago to stop smoking. My ‘identity’ as a smoker- or emotional connection to the idea of being a smoker seemed to vanish. During the initial expulsion of nicotine from my body it seemed to be able to sharply reduce any cravings to almost nothing within minutes. I subsequently used it to diffuse the sting from other unpleasant memories and emotions.

    So why do I find the idea of a drug doing something similar scary? Is it just because i’m a bit of a hippie and I don’t trust healing methods which are under the control of big pharma companies? Or is it something else? Not sure yet but it came up strongly for me reading this.

    • Thanks, Simon, that’s interesting. To put your mind at ease: The drug only lasts a short while, and only removes the emotional charge on memories you recall while the drug is active. The treatments they’re working on are designed to affect only specific traumatic memories, while leaving everything else the same as it was.

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