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I’m still catching up with other magick blogs, flagging my favorite posts as I go. Today: Thoughts on teaching from A Little Death and Magical Experiments.

An Awesome Teacher

Ona retells an experience from a wonderful teacher who helped a troubled woman rather than dismissing her. The way he handled it was great, as is Ona’s honesty about her feelings throughout the situation. I was going to quote her post, but instead, I’m just going to tell you to read it yourself.

Audience and Responsibility

Last month, I thought about how much to share on my blog, particularly with techniques that could hurt someone. I’ve been meaning to do a follow-up post, but today, I just want to flag Taylor’s response on his own blog:

I don’t feel responsible for how my audience uses the knowledge gleaned from my books, as my audience is responsible for their choices and experiences (much as I am responsible for my experiences and choices). How they choose to use and/or abuse what they get from my books is their concern and the consequences are also their concern.

I like this sentiment: Trust everyone to be responsible for their own actions. Simple, democratic, and relatively freeing for my own work. Not sure where I’ll wind up at this point, but I enjoyed reading Taylor’s take on it.

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