Pro-Mages and the Goetia (Strategic Sorcery)

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Continuing my week of catching up with other blogs, I’m on to Strategic Sorcery today.

The Magic Biz

I always enjoy reading Jason’s take on being a pro-mage. It’s something I’ve thought about on and off for the past year. It’s a hard way to earn a living — much harder than computer consulting, I’ll give him that — but I imagine you would learn a lot by seeing more clients, and by getting the more honest feedback that comes from paying customers, because they don’t feel the need to be polite.

But back to Jason’s post, there are 2 points I found particularly interesting:

In the 90s, mages got status by writing books. For the past decade, mages have gotten status by selling their services. Makes me wonder what the next status-focus will be.

And a fun paragraph:

Some people look at magical orders as the measure of success. The same gent mentioned above bragged to me that the Caliphate OTO has “won”, because they were the biggest group to come out of the Crowley Era. They had the money, and the numbers. He was none to happy when I pointed out that by his standards Scientology would be the obvious winner, not the OTO…**

(Full post here.)

Be Nice to the Goetia

In July, we had a discussion about the Goetia in the comments of my blog. Taylor and Knarrnia recommended just being friendly, and now it seems Jason is in the same camp. I may have to check out the Goetia in the next few months, especially as I start digging into manifesting more.

I also enjoyed Jason’s post for the descriptions of his own path, and for the tips on how to be friendly. And, to avoid post hoc ergo propter hoc, Jason’s article seems to be totally separate from the discussion on my post.

(Full article here.)

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