Recognizing Psychic Intuitions

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One of the most common questions I get is: “How can I tell if a thought is a psychic intuition, or just my own (non-magickal) best guess?”

Today, I’m tired from my trip, and adjusting to some recent changes in how I connect to ethereal software, and I’m wrestling with recognizing true psychic intuitions myself. And for me, the most telling sign is the pressure of the thoughts:

  • My own thoughts feel normal. They’ll float into my mind effortlessly and gently.
  • Psychic intuitions have a pressure. They enter my mind unbidden, forcing themselves into my thoughts. (A small amount of force, but still noticeable.)
  • Where normal thoughts are like drinking from a straw, psychic intuitions are like drinking from a hose.

I don’t know if this will be the same for you, because you might be using different ethereal software that connects to your mind in a different way. But it’s an obvious, reliable way for me to tell the difference, and it’s letting me reliably know when I’m getting my own best guess, rather than a true psychic intuition. So I’m sharing it so you can try, too.

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One Response to “Recognizing Psychic Intuitions”

  1. Ona says:

    I think I used to distinguish because “intuitions” came with an ill-defined energy burst: sometimes a downright tingle or pulse of energy, sometimes just a “IMPORTANT” kind of feeling. I don’t think I distinguish anymore, having perhaps gotten used to just going with the first thing that pops in my head as a reliable indicator of what to do next after years of doing it. I think it worked far less well initially, when there was a bigger difference between what I intuitively felt and the other answer (the one that came from overthinking everything). That is “go with the gut” only works when you are really in tune with your gut and your gut has some level of wisdom (not sure what else to call it). Otherwise you mistake “going with the gut” for “do whatever the hell I want and screw everyone else” or other reactions based on your dysfunctional stuff, fears, desires, anger, etc.

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