3 Surprising Observations about Energy Tingles

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We all know the tingling feeling of energy. I discussed it with a non-mage and an experienced psychic recently, then thought about it more today. I surprised each of them, including myself. Here are the observations:

1. Most tingles people feel are really proprioception, or focusing your attention on one spot in your body until you feel weird, or some other non-magickal process. Most of what teachers use to demonstrate energy tingles is really normal physiology. (Which I think is cheating.)

2. Novices often look for tingles to know they’re really doing magick. They think that not feeling tingles means they’re not engaging their mental muscles, which indeed, it may.

The problem is, you don’t feel tingles in response to all energy. Instead, you feel tingles when the energy you’re working with has the wrong signature. That is, you’re not feeling the energy itself, you’re feeling how much it shifts the signature of your body / shielding / connection / whatever you’re working with.

As you get better, you’ll learn to align your energy’s signature with what you’re working with, and you’ll stop feeling tingles. For some mages (including my experienced psychic friend), you may think the absence of tingles means you’re doing something wrong, when in fact, it means you’re improving.

3. The tingles aren’t actually your nerves responding to the energy. Rather, the tingles are your mental muscles projecting sensations into your brain. Really, it’s a way for your mental muscles to communicate with you.

As I’ve gotten better at aligning my signature to what I’m working with, my mental muscles have become more sensitive, so they produce tingles when I mis-align the signature just a little bit. But lately, this simply isn’t enough, and I rarely feel tingles anymore. So, the third idea, which surprised me: Could I tell my mental muscles to produce tingles in response to some other event, such as a communication message coming in? That seems quite useful.

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3 Responses to “3 Surprising Observations about Energy Tingles”

  1. Ananael Qaa says:

    Maybe you mean something else than what I’m thinking of as “tingles,” but if you mean what I think you mean – a physical sensation corresponding to the movement of energy (or the perception thereof) – this interpretation doesn’t match my experience at all. I can pretty reliably predict how effective my energy work is based on the level of sensation it generates. With the work I do it’s almost always a solid positive correlation, whereas if (2) is correct it should be a negative one, right? The only way that wouldn’t be the case is if in your model the correct energy signature bears no relationship to the probability shift produced, which I’m pretty sure is not the case based on your previous posts.

    • Yes, we have the same understanding of “tingles.” More tingles would correlate with 3 things:

      -Having a signature that’s mis-aligned in certain ways, like I talk about in the post. (If it’s too mis-aligned, it won’t interact much at all, and you won’t notice anything.)

      -If you hold the energy signature constant, then more energy = more tingles. This is my first guess on why you notice a positive correlation between tingles and manifesting success.

      -Additionally, the ethereal software that drives the manifesting can be programmed to send you energy (to produce a tingle) as confirmation that your request was accepted. My book’s ethereal software does this, for example. This is my second guess for the correlation you observed.

      I should mention, I found this not from manifesting, but from techniques for awakening mental muscles, for healing, and for shielding. I don’t notice any tingles when manifesting, aside from the very subtle feeling that the ethereal software has a message for me. So it’s possible you’re doing something I’m not aware of.

  2. Ananael Qaa says:

    The best match for what I’ve experienced is probably your second guess there. I do know that to make what I’m doing work I need to hold my mind a certain way and as long as I do that the sensations build over time. Otherwise, they fall off and the spell won’t work as well.

    The technique I use to raise energy is Qigong-based breath work, so if you don’t use a similar method that might explain the difference in our experiences right there.

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