Case Study: Healing by Draining Energy

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I always think of draining someone’s energy as an attack, as something a malicious spirit or gross-feeling person does. Turns out, it’s important for healing techniques, too.

I recently did a healing session for a completely non-magickal friend. Normal healing techniques: Provide energy in a signature designed to aid her recovery, focused on the injured tissue. But she’d never even worked with energy, and the healing energy overloaded her.

Half an hour after the session, she became lightheaded and nauseous, experienced vertigo, and her face started to tingle. The tingle reminded me of the feeling of energy, and the lightheadedness made me think of grounding. I connected to her, and found the healing energy had totally overflowed the source of the healing (in her head), and was overflowing into her head and torso, overwhelming her.

First, the long-term fix: I connected to the ethereal software driving the healing, and had it cut its effect in half. (Later, I added some instructions to modulate the amount of energy based on how much the person is absorbing).

Then, the short-term fix: I drained the healing energy from her head, stomach, and face. Each time, I just opened connections between her and me, let the energy flow from her to me. (Energy flows from high-pressure to low-pressure, so I didn’t have to do anything beyond opening the connection). Then I released the energy from my body so I could drain more from hers. The amount of energy was noticeable but not troublesome to me. I only stopped when I felt the energy stop flowing through my draining connection.

She felt noticeably better within seconds, and all the way better in a few minutes. The shift was dramatic, and noticeable just from watching her.

And so, I’ll add draining-for-grounding to my list of healing techniques.

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  1. Ananael Qaa says:

    As a Qigong student it doesn’t surprise me at all to see that the draining of energy proved helpful in this case. In 5-element Qigong the goal is to keep the energies in balance, so sometimes you have to reduce the flow along one or more meridians in order to accomplish an effective healing.

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