Debugging Psychic: Learning Level 2 Communication

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When I started debugging my psychic intuitions, I thought the problem was the ethereal software. Not that the software itself was broken, but that I had it configured wrong. I thought I would learn the right commands to ask the software to do the right things, and everything would simply work.

But the problem turned out to be my communication. I thought I was good enough because I’d more-or-less learned level 4 communication. But it turned out, I was only doing a sloppy level 4, and had never really learned level 2. I only properly knew level 1 communication, and that just wasn’t going to get me where I wanted to go.

That takes us up to today’s post, about my training in level 2 communication. I called the same spirit that tested the various communication levels, and asked him how to do level 2 communication. The answer:

  • To send, you think the message, and use your mental muscles (the ones that handle communication) to hold and sustain the signatures that your mind creates as you think that message. You sustain those signatures until the receiver (the spirit or ethereal software) picks them up.
  • To receive, you let the sender (the spirit or software) connect its message to your thinking mind. (The message is made of the signatures corresponding to the thoughts being sent, similar to how you created signatures when sending.) Then, you use your mental muscles (again, the ones for communication) to sink those signatures into your thinking mind, which drops the message into your thoughts.

I’ve honestly lost all sense of how simple or complex a technique sounds, but this one was pretty easy. Everything in there is also a step for level 4 communication*, so I already more-or-less knew how to do them.

*On level 4 containing level 2: I think this is intentional. It would make sense to add one additional step at a time, so level 3 adds one step to level 2, and level 4 adds one step to level 3.

I discovered, though, that there’s a huge difference between more-or-less knowing a technique, and actually knowing it. Once I got the technique right, the thoughts entered my mind with some force, so I couldn’t not think them. Even when I sort-of-did level 4 communication before, the message wasn’t this clear or easy to read, because I wasn’t doing the level 2 parts of the communication as well as I am now.

That clarity is what makes it tiring, really. When you think normally, your brain’s signature flows up to your thinking mind. Communication, when done properly, places your thinking mind into a state that doesn’t match your brain activity, then carries that new state down into the brain. Clearer communication means a more pronounced shift, and the clearer it is, the more tiring it is. I’m still getting used to it.

But even so, I’m using level 2 communication for pretty much everything: Manifesting, other training, and even social calls with spirits. My psychic intuitions seem to be more accurate, and communication in general is much clearer for me. Plus, the spirits tell me this is easier on them, too. It’ll take a while until I’m really happy with my communication techniques, but this is exactly what I need to practice, not only to learn psychic intuitions, but also to remove the “more-or-less”-ness from my other communication techniques.

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8 Responses to “Debugging Psychic: Learning Level 2 Communication”

  1. Yoseqlo says:

    I think this much likely the same as other styles’ Manifesting, well in a normal ritual that what is happening behind, guess.

    Your communication technique is different from a normal ritual?

    • The general pattern — that ethereal software reads your thoughts and handles the details — would match ritual magick. I think I discuss that in the introduction series ( ).

      The particular communication technique is different. Most mages would use level 1 communication, where the ethereal software handles all the details, unless they’ve specifically trained in another communication technique.

      Does that help?

  2. Ananael Qaa says:

    So would your level 2 communication work for something like Zener cards? If you can get to the point where you’re reliable at even the 75% threshold with those that would be a pretty unmistakable result. Supposedly J.B. Rhine had at least one subject who was that good, though there’s a still a lot of debate in the parapsychology community regarding the validity of his experimental procedures.

    • Sadly, no. Or at least, not on its own.

      There are 2 ways I can see to do Zener cards:

      1. Get ethereal software that supports this. It would read the sender’s mind, and drop the image into your thoughts. Level 2 communication would probably be sufficient to receive this type of information, but I wouldn’t know where to find the software. (And if you spend the 6 months integrating with the software, even level 1 communication would probably be sufficient.)

      2. You could also connect directly to the sender’s mind, read the message, and drop it into your thoughts. In essence, they would be doing level 1 communication, while you did what spirits and ethereal software normally do.

      The real question is, how good would you have to be? I’ve learned some level 4 communication, which requires your partner to be at level 2 or higher, so I’m guessing that level 5 communication would let you receive from a level 1 sender, though I haven’t learned anything above level 4.

      (If you want to skip the months of preparation that most ethereal software requires to communicate with a level 1 communicator, and we’re probably talking level 6 communication or higher. In other words, much better than I am right now.)

      I do like where you’re going with this in terms of testing, though.

      By the way, I do have some preliminary results on psychic intuitions: I had 2 first dates recently, and asked how each would go. I got both a general “excellent / good / bad” prediction, plus some particulars about what we’d likely end up doing. I’d met one woman at a party, and thought the prediction was unlikely. But in the end, all of the predictions turned out to be accurate.

  3. Ananael Qaa says:

    So the way your method works would require a sender? What I was thinking is that you could just try reading/predicting the symbols directly. That’s really what you would need for a truly unmistakable result. If you only can work with one other specific person skeptics are going to suggest some sort of trickery is going on, even if it isn’t. Rhine did supposedly have some subjects who could read the cards at levels above chance without any sender involved.

    • Hmmm, I hadn’t thought about just asking which card I’m about to draw. I am planning to develop psychic intuitions for a coin flip, where it can tell me how a flip will come up (or has come up, where I flip it somewhere I can’t see), which seems like the same idea — gather definite external information, easily reproducible. At the moment, I’m not worried about demonstrating this to skeptics, but I would like to have something to make it easy for me to test and verify various techniques. I think we’re on the same page with that.

  4. Ananael Qaa says:

    The reason that I mention Zener cards as opposed to something like a coin flip is that I imagine they would be easier to predict. The rationale is that once the cards are shuffled, the order in which they will be drawn is set. Unlike a coin flip, which is a single random event, the information regarding the card order does exist – it just is not accessible via your usual senses. So I figure that you should be able to somehow align your consciousness with the signature of the deck and obtain it. Rhine’s methodology in many cases was not rigorous enough to rule out all possible forms of trickery (apparently, for example, one clever subject figured out that when looking at just the right angle it was possible to see the images on the cards reflected in the sender’s eyes), but it also is true that not all of it is suspect. At the very least it suggests that a few of his subjects might have been able to read something of the card order off the decks successfully.

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