Debugging Psychic: Making a Plan

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Last post, I’d picked a goal: Get good enough with communication that it’s easy to develop psychic intuitions. This post, I want to share my plan to reach that goal, and the progress I’ve made so far.

The Plan

A plan starts with where you are now, and gets you where you want to go. So, let’s start with where I am now:

  • I can approximate level 4 communication when I’m focused.
  • I can’t get level 2 communication working, even when I’m focused.
  • And I’m not exactly sure what each of these communication levels are. (The software uses them, so I’ve adopted its terms, but I don’t know the exact steps for level 2 communication.)

The last item, I think, is the real problem: I’ve been debugging level 4 communication, but never really learned levels 2-3.

Normally, I’d call up my mentor, have him contact a spirit who’s really good at communication, I’d show that spirit what I’m doing, and get some tips. But I’ve been doing that for about a year, and it’s just not working.

Why not? Well, I’m getting spirits who are experts in communication, which is good. But they’re not experts at teaching communication. And there’s a difference — just think about a friend who’s great with computers, or sports, or picking up dates, but can’t explain any of it to you.

So, I asked for trainers who had experience teaching every level of communication. I got three: One who teaches levels 1-5, another who teaches 3-8, and another who teaches ascended-level communication and can answer any deep questions I have. Then I asked them to assess the gaps in my communication skills.

First Steps: Find the Gaps

On a half-hour train ride last Sunday, I called my trainers, taking notes on my phone. I thought it might take a while to find the gaps, but I was so wrong. Here’s how long it took to uncover the first problem:

  • Level 1 communication is easy: You just relax your mind and receive the message. That worked in about 10 seconds. No surprise there.
  • Level 2 simply failed. I thought it would be obvious what to do, or that my mental muscles would just do it if I thought, “Receive the message” really hard. But no, I didn’t have a clue, and I didn’t get even a hint of the message.

Well, that was easier than I thought. And quite helpful: I hadn’t realized how bad I was at level 2 communication, and if I had, I never would have expected psychic intuitions to just work. Now that we know the problem, it’s an easy fix. (That’s next post.) Plus, now that I know how useful this gap assessment is, I’m going to do it for everything else I do, too.

Next: Training in level 2 communication, and a few closing thoughts on this series.

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