Debugging Psychic: Why I Rejected the Easy Path

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Today, I’m thinking about my path to develop reliable intuitions. I could use the technique that worked for Lisa:

  • Find ethereal software that supports psychic intuitions. (I’ve done this already.)
  • Tell the software to integrate with your mind for level 1 communication.
  • Practice for 3-6 months while the software sets up, and then you’re good to go.

That’s how we swapped her from some not-so-good ethereal software to the better version she’s using now, and it worked well. I could even use the same ethereal software as her, so the technique might not need any adjustments. And even if it needs some tweaks, that should be much easier than developing a whole new technique from scratch.

And yet, I don’t want to do that. I want to solve this by learning more advanced communication. So, my question today is, why do I have that inclination, and is it a good idea?


At first, I didn’t go Lisa’s route because of the time involved. I thought my current communication skills would translate to psychic intuitions if I just found the right commands for the ethereal software. But they’re not.

At this point, it’s probably 3-6 months whichever way I go, though there is the risk that the non-easy paths will take much longer.

Dismissing An Excuse

I use a dozen or more pieces of ethereal software each month, and that’s going to increase over time. And if each one takes 3-6 months, that’s a problem.

Except, that’s just an excuse. Sure, it’s logical, but saying it doesn’t satisfy the unsure-ness in my mind. The 3-6-month integration is just for software that needs to communicate with me continuously, while I’m distracted. Most ethereal software doesn’t require that. The time constraint sounded logical, but I don’t think it holds water.

My Gut

If I’m really honest, it’s my gut feeling that’s pushing me away from the slow integration. I simply don’t take the easy path.

But I don’t make decisions on my gut. So let’s explore why I avoid the easy path. To do that, I need to talk about fundamental techniques and applications.

Fundamentals and Applications

In my mind, there are two categories of magick skills: Fundamentals and applications.

Applications are the things you want to do: Psychic intuition, energy healing, shielding, etc.

Fundamental techniques are the building blocks of those applications: Communication, controlling energy and connections, awakening mental muscles, and so on.

Sure, at some point, you might use psychic intuitions as the building block of some larger technique. But in general, some techniques are the end product, and others are the building blocks.

Here’s why that matters: Fundamental techniques don’t just build applications. They also build other fundamentals. If I spend 3 months learning Level 2 communication, I can then use those skills to learn Level 3 communication. But if I let the ethereal software integrate with my mind for 3 months, at the end of that time, all I have is the integrated software. I’m no closer to more advanced communication.

And so, my normal approach is to focus on fundamentals, develop them until an application becomes easy, and only then worry about that application. I thought I was already there with psychic intuitions, but I’m not. Yet.

And so, I’m going to focus on communication for the next 3-6 months. At the end of that, I expect that psychic intuitions will come easily. But more importantly, a lot of other techniques will become easier, too.

Incidentally, this is the hardest, slowest path to any particular application, but do it for a decade, and hard techniques start to become easy. Which gives me an idea for a blog or book title: “Magick the Hard Way.” Would you want to read that?

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One Response to “Debugging Psychic: Why I Rejected the Easy Path”

  1. Yoseqlo says:

    So you’re going to implement the “psychic intuitions” at the large path because of it’s usefulness that you don’t need to focus?

    Well, seems good for practical use, but also you will work in another levels of communication like 2 or 4, to keep improvement?
    That’s because of what you said about in different levels get different answers, what if after your six month training you find that lv. 2 or 4, still works better?

    PD: “Magick the Hard Way”sounds less sexier than I thought. XP

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