Magickal Shielding for Physical Contact

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Last month, in a discussion on shielding, Ananael said that, “Shields also don’t work well against hoodoo-style magick anchored to a substance like powder or oil that comes into direct contact with your body or clothing.”

I ran into this problem myself a few years ago. And I solved it. And now that I’m taking a break from consulting and not in the middle of a series, I want to return to shielding and share this with you.

To be perfectly clear: This post is about magick done via physical touch. It’s not about a magick shield that protects you from being punched. That only exists in movies.

Touch-Based Magick Defeats Shields

I’ve run into this twice. Neither was with a hoodoo practitioner, but both involved the same principle: Magick conveyed by physical touch, rather than a standard magick connection, bypasses standard shielding. Let me tell you about both experiences.

Energy Drain at a Dance

Commonly called a psychic vampire by people who enjoy making their world more theatrical, some people drain your energy when you’re around them. And, as Ananael points out, shields that work great over distance tend to fail when someone is physically touching you.

I go swing dancing about once a week. Part of the culture is that, when someone asks you to dance, it’s rude to decline. So, I wind up in socially-enforced physical contact with these drainers for 3-4 minutes at a time, once every few months. Which makes for excellent magick research time.

Now, I could simply resist the drain, either by holding my energy where it is, controlling my energy signature, or just producing extra energy to drown out the effects. But all of those are inelegant, and at the end of the day, teach me nothing. No, I had found a situation where my shielding didn’t work, and I wanted a proper fix to the shielding, not a workaround for the symptoms. (Which I’ll share in a minute.)

Skilled Mages

On the opposite end of the skill-spectrum, imagine a skilled mage is attacking you. You have shielding that makes it hard to make a normal magick connection to you. What would they do?

Well, there are a few options, but one of my favorites is to make a magick connection to the room you’re in (easy to do based on the magick connection that’s hitting your shield), transition from the magick domain to the physical domain once connected to that room, and then connect from the air in the room to your body. And, just like magick conveyed by physical contact with powder or oil, we now have a physical connection that bypasses normal shielding.

I’ve been on both sides of this technique. I’ve also taught friends to defend against it. The same technique I use vs a drainer at a dance works here. (I expected it would. That’s why I made a point of developing shielding for the dance.)

Note: I’ve only seen this technique from other direct magick practitioners. It takes some practice to transition from a magick-domain connection to a physical-domain connection, and the only reason to learn it is to do energy healing at distance without channeling ethereal software. So most mages never bother.

Defending Against Physical Connections

Just like you can transition a connection from the default magickal domain into the physical domain, you can transition a shield from magickal to physical domains.

Remember that a shield is really just finding connections and closing them. If you only use the mental muscles designed for shielding, you’ll only find connections in default magick domain. But if you also engage the mental muscles you use for direct physical effects (like energy healing), they will work with your shielding mental muscles to find connections in the physical domain. And once you’ve found them, you can close them the same way.

Note: If you do energy healing by channeling energy from ethereal software, that won’t awaken the mental muscles for direct physical effects that you need here. But if you work with your own energy, like Qi Gung, that might awaken those mental muscles. Your best bet, though, is to use direct magick to awaken your mental muscles.

This technique works against energy drains via physical contact, and also against advanced attacks coming from physical-domain connections. I haven’t tested it against hoodoo powders or oils, but I would expect it to work there, too.

Side-note: If the hoodoo attack is based on manifesting — that is, if it’s trying to give you bad luck or misfortune — then there’s a different set of protections I would recommend. But that’s for another post.

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6 Responses to “Magickal Shielding for Physical Contact”

  1. KeeCoyote says:

    How about the Cosimino method of negating shields with radionics? I think if you had a shield with random flucuating signature (IF that is possible) would protect someone.

    • I’m not familiar with Cosimino, but there was a time when I tried random fluctuations. Probably because they talked about it on StarTrek, but if an idea is good, it doesn’t matter where it comes from, right?

      The problem is, the idea doesn’t work. Shielding has 2 goals:
      -To make you less noticeable, so fewer spirits want to drain you.
      -To block incoming connections, meaning it needs to cover all important signatures.

      For both of those, what you want is a very stable shielding. Random fluctuations make shielding less effective at both of its goals — fluctuations are more noticeable, and cause your shielding to be more likely to not cover some important part of the signature.

  2. Yoseqlo says:

    You know if the effect of this physcial related Magick act directly in the brain’s nerve energy layer (like that Magickal connections use to enter via the Mental muscles and Thinking mind) or specific aspects/ limbs?

    It is about the possibility that only by closing the outside connections to the brain’s layer would be enough to stop the effects.

    • The physical connections can come in anywhere in the body. You need to find and close connections from your body to the outside world.

      I would recommend against closing connections from your brain to your body, as your brain probably needs to have magickal connections with your body. (Not tested, but it seems like a safe guess.)

  3. KeeCoyote says:

    Well radionics works by using a radionic machine either symbolic or physical to find what is in effect a signature of a item. you negate things with the oppisite signature. say your shield is (3.1,2.5,6.2) the opposing signature would be (6.9,8.8,3.8). There is probaly a work around this, but I don’t know what it is.

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