Solving Simpler Problems

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My friend is excellent at producing energy to make massage clients feel good. She can’t produce other types of energy very well, but she doesn’t need to. Making massage clients feel good is the one problem she wants to solve.

Lisa gets reliable psychic intuitions from one piece of ethereal software. It took her 4 months to connect to it properly, and it would take her another 4 months to set up intuitions from other software. But that doesn’t matter: All she wants are reliable intuitions, and that one source is all she needs.

Most of the time, I’m after a general solution: How do you use energy to create any sensation you want? How do you receive information from any ethereal software you find? And it’s the “any” in there that makes these problems so hard.

If you want to make two sensations with energy, or even three, you can just practice each one separately. Allocate more practice time, and you’ll get all three solutions, no problem.

But if you want to get any sensation, then you need to be able to take a sensation and figure out the right energy. Not “try a dozen energies until you get it right,” but figure out the right energy, using logic and reasoning and a solid model — a model that’s accurate, which is entirely different than a model which sounds sensible.

That model — a model which makes accurate predictions — is the hard part.

So, to your research easier, see about solving a specific problem, rather than a general one.

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