Becoming Psychic… Again

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Six months ago, I turned on psychic intuitions. And by “turned on,” I mean that I contacted the ethereal software I use for manifesting, and asked it to continuously guide me toward success. It made a bunch of connections, and I started getting intuitions. Problem solved.

Except that the intuitions weren’t very good. Which lead to several months of debugging, all corralled into this series you’re reading right now.

This weekend, I turned psychic intuitions on again. Same ethereal software, similar command, but some critical differences:

“Guide me to be successful in whatever I’m doing, while also guiding me toward my major goals as specified previously when I set my preferences. Use level 2 communication to do this, along with whatever else works well.”

The real change isn’t the command itself. I could have sent those words six months ago. The key is that now, I know why I’ve specified each of those items.

I know how important it is to tell the ethereal software your goals, and how poorly it will guess your goals for you if you don’t.

I know what the different levels of communication are, why you don’t want level 1 communication (it requires months of setup), and why you need to tell it the level (because I can’t get level 3-4 communication while distracted).

Coming at this the second time, I have a much fuller picture of all the steps it takes, and all the knobs you need to turn, and all the things that can go wrong, that you have to get right.

But knowing all that, I’m also much more cautious in my predictions. Last time, I thought it would be easy, and when I started getting intuitions, I assumed I was getting accurate intuitions. This time, I’m cautiously optimistic, looking forward to testing and debugging the intuitions, once I get used to listening to them as they come in.

I think it’s a good change. More realistic. Maybe even more mature. I hope it stays with me for the next project.

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