Book Excerpts: Awakening Your Mental Muscles – The Command

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Another excerpt on awakening your mental muscles. Make sure to read the other excerpts on the topic so you know what to expect.

The command is, “Awaken my mental muscles.” Yes, it really is that simple. Most of the commands for this book’s ethereal software will be.

Note: The ethereal software is actually listening to the concepts and ideas in your mind, not the words themselves. So, if “mental muscles” doesn’t mean much to you yet, try replacing it with the definition: “Awaken the parts of my mind that drive magick,” which has produced better results for friends who weren’t familiar with my terms.

You only need to give this command once. It will run until completion, with no further interaction required. But there’s no harm in giving the command multiple times — the software will just ignore the later instructions. And if you already have some mental muscles awake, the software won’t affect them. It’ll only activate new ones.

When you give this command, remember to first connect to the ethereal software by looking at the sigil, focusing on it for 30 seconds or so, then repeatedly thinking the command for another 30 seconds or so. Once that’s done, rest for a few hours (to let it awaken a few mental muscles), then start your daily direct magick practice routine.

And a reminder: This beta testing post covered how to connect to the ethereal software.

The Exercises (Not an Excerpt)

The next several chapters will cover the daily exercises. It starts with building and moving energy, then with working with connections, and finally with communicating with the ethereal software. Those links go to old posts covering the topics — there will be some changes to the exercises, and tons of editing, but they should work well enough for those of you who want to get started.

And a quick book update: I’m mostly done making the full outline of the book. I know, I’ve been posting excerpts for a while, but I’ve been writing with only a vague outline. This past week, I’ve been working on a chapter-by-chapter outline of the book, where one chapter roughly equals one long blog post (~1000 words, or 4 print pages). Expect a couple posts as I think through how to present topics, followed by more rapid progress on the book. Thanks for your enthusiasm and patience, everyone.

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  1. Simon says:

    Sounds good. I appreciate you may not want to do this yet – if so fair enough – but it would be interesting to see the outline you have created – not every paragraph- just the ‘table of contents’ or course outline so to speak.

    It would probably help me gather my thoughts about whether its the right thing to seriously pursue next year or not. I assume it might help others too.

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