Book Excerpts: Getting Started with Direct Magick

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Two excerpts from my book today. The first is the intro to Part 2: Getting Started with Direct Magick:

Direct magick has two main tools: Ethereal software and mental muscles. In Part 2, we’ll set you up with both.

Specifically, we’re going to connect to some ethereal software designed for this book, and learn the very basics of commanding it. Then we’ll use it to awaken a few mental muscles, and learn to engage them at will. If you put in 5-10 minutes a day, it should take 4-8 weeks.

For experienced magick practitioners, you’ll find this takes much less time. But every style of magick uses slightly different mental muscles, so most likely, a few of the mental muscles you’ll need for direct magick are still hibernating. So please follow these exercises to make sure you have all the tools for effective direct magick.

The next couple of chapters cover the basics of using the book’s ethereal software. The next excerpt is the intro to awakening your mental muscles:

So far, we know how to send instructions to ethereal software. And with this, we can ask the ethereal software to send healing energy to someone, cause lucky events to happen, shield us from spirits, and do other useful magick.

But there’s a lot more to magick than sending out our intentions and requests. For energy healing, what if we could receive information about the injury, and help guide the ethereal software to the best healing technique? For manifesting, what if we could receive information about how the event would happen, and adjust the request based on that new information?

And beyond that, what if we could reprogram the ethereal software, adding new capabilities that other mages could use, test, and help us improve? Then we could build a more robust style of magick. That’s one of my reasons for writing this book.

To do all that — to receive information back from the ethereal software, and to add new techniques to its repertoire — we’ll need to awaken your mental muscles. That’s what this chapter is about.

It feels good to be writing again. More excerpts coming soon.

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3 Responses to “Book Excerpts: Getting Started with Direct Magick”

  1. Barracuda Surf says:

    Hello Mike,

    I was wondering when your book is going to be out and if it is going to be an ebook or a paper book?

    I am still testing your sigil ( since last summer ).

    • I hope to have the book out at the end of this year. Though more likely, I’ll have the first draft done at the end of the year, the second draft done late January, and the final edit, layout and cover art out a month or so later. But I’m planning on releasing one of the early drafts to blog readers, so you can get your hands on something toward the end of the year.

      It will be in both electronic form (free download) and paper (paid, more convenient to work from for long periods).

      Thanks. Great to have enthusiastic readers. (And thanks everyone else who’s been waiting for the book.)

      • Barracuda Surf says:


        I think this is nice, we can read the ebook and then decide if we want to buy the paper book to read in more convenient locations.

        I’ll be more than happy to beta test your drafts! :)

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