Book Excerpts: How Awakening Your Mental Muscles Feels

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Today’s excerpts are from the chapter on awakening mental muscles. Next week, we’ll get to the command to awaken them.

Awakening your mental muscles doesn’t feel like much of anything, at least, not until you get the first few muscles awakened. Once you do, you’ll start feeling the energy they move, the messages they receive, or whatever other magick they do. But in general, unless you awaken a great many mental muscles all at once, awakening mental muscles itself doesn’t feel like anything.

But don’t worry: I’ll tell you how to know you’re doing each exercise right. And when you feel that, you’ll know those mental muscles are awake and engaged.


If you’ve read other books on magick, or attended classes for beginners, you might be surprised that awakening mental muscles doesn’t feel all tingly. After all, you’ve probably gotten exercises like this:

“To feel your body’s energy field, bring your finger to almost touch your forehead. You’ll feel a tingle. That’s your body’s energy field.”

I got an exercise like this in an energy healing class. It’s impressive, and makes you feel confident about the energy you’ll be learning to use.

The problem is, that’s not energy. The tingles are from proprioception, your brain’s natural response to knowing that something is almost touching you. There’s no magick there.

How do I know? Well, try this:

First, have a friend move their finger to almost touch your forehead. Since you can see their finger, your brain knows you’re almost being touched, and you’ll feel tingling.

But now, close your eyes, have your friend flip a coin, and if it’s heads, almost touch your forehead. If it’s tails, they do nothing. Have them be sure not to step or make noise, as hearing a creak or a footfall also creates a map of the world around us and can set off proprioceptive sensations.

If you were feeling energy, it wouldn’t matter if you saw the finger or not, you’d still feel the energy. But when I tested this, I felt nothing with my eyes closed, and neither did any of my friends, because the tingles weren’t energy, they were ordinary, non-magickal proprioception.

Why am I telling you this? So you know that producing genuine magick you can feel is more like playing the violin than playing an mp3. It takes time, and practice, and it won’t happen today. And that’s perfectly fine.

Here’s my promise to you: Everything I tell you to look for will be actual magick. If it’s an ordinary non-magickal sensation, I’ll make that clear. I’ll do my best to do that, and if you think I’ve missed anything, I’ll welcome that feedback and issue any corrections needed.

And with that, we’re ready to start awakening mental muscles.

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